Neighborhood Magic

I went out for a walk this morning – taking my 2.5 mile “foot rehab” route to the County Grounds and around the flood-control basins there. It’s an urban wilderness, a small oasis of wildflowers, birds, oaks, frogs, deer and other flora and fauna in the city of Wauwatosa.

Would it surprise you to know that UUCW members are among the fauna I see nearly every time I walk there? This morning, YRUU grad Derrick Tynefield-Higgenbottom cruised by on a skateboard with a friendly hello, and I encountered Jeannie Baker and former member Julia Collins as I strolled the gravel pathway around the basins. Often I see Eddee Daniel and Lynn Kapitan, Rita Piper, Steve Frey or his daughter Gillian with their dog Sassy; and I’ve seen Kathy White and Cathy DeMers, and have met Leslie Peterson walking with her mom, too.

I love seeing my UUCW neighbors when I’m out walking – and oh, how it makes me miss our full UUCW community.  I miss you so very much. I look forward to reconnecting when I return from vacation and study leave next week.

It’s a strange world when most of our connections with our faith community happen online. But right now, that’s what we have. And given the ongoing pandemic, it's what we are likely to continue to have for some time. (Budget limitations like not being able to fund uber-ventilation systems that would render our UUCW spaces “safe enough,” or the funding to hire bathroom-monitoring-and-sanitizing staff are just two of the many reasons we cannot "re-open" the church building and grounds.)

How do we make the best of what we have? I’ve been thinking a lot about that, with new ideas brewing for the fall. But in the meantime, let me take just a moment to remind you about these 10 Ways to Connect with Fellow UUCW Members: