Bite-Size Blog #71 -- January 23, 2017

Proving the connection between food and health
by J. Morris Hicks

We know that there is a very strong association, but we'd like to have some simple DATA to help prove it. For years I have had a sign in my office that reads:

In God we trust, all others must bring data!

In conjunction with our new ARCH system aimed at reducing the cost of healthcare in large companies, I am in the process of gathering DATA that illustrates the power of our food choices. Specifically, I would like to see how quality of diet (as estimated by our 4Leaf Survey) correlates to health markers like BMI, total cholesterol levels, blood pressure,  frequency of disease, need for medications, etc. 

Today, I would like to ask you for the following:
  1. Your numerical score on our online 4Leaf Survey at (Range -44 to +44)
  2. In years, about how long have you been eating the way you are now?
  3. Your current BMI. Body mass index; If you don't know it, you can use this BMI Calculator
  4. Your one-word answer to this question: Do you now take any prescription drugs? Yes or No?
  5. Colds? How many times/year do you get sick?
Just send your answers to
and I will share the overall results with you in future blog-posts. I do not need to know your name, age or sex--just the the answers to the 5 questions above. For example, here are my five answers:
  1. +35
  2. 14 yrs.
  3. 21.7
  4. No
  5. 0 or 1 per year
Large Sample Size. Also, please share this request with friends and family--regardless of how they are now eating. I know that most people reading this BSB are eating fairly high on the 4Leaf scale. That's good, but we also also need to hear from people who still eat the S.A.D. Maybe you could share this where you work or worship or with your neighbors.

Finally,  just know that your help will expedite the introduction of our new ARCH system for helping large organizations lower their cost of healthcare. You can read about what we have in mind right here:

4Leaf Logo
We sincerely believe that our simple ARCH system can help accelerate the urgently needed global shift to a plant-based diet for humans.

For more info, contact me at

J. Morris Hicks

*The  4Leaf  registered trademark, the  4Leaf Survey, the  ARCH system  and all other  4Leaf  materials are intellectual property of 4Leaf Global, LLC.

Check out our 4Leaf Survey as used at eCornell

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