february 2019
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Dear friend of theONswitch:

What's this nu thing??!!

Last month I announced that I was discontinuing my old e-blast. Well, this is its replacement.

Haven't shuttered theONswitch (yet). Seek a buyer or partner.

The work I’m doing now (strategy, content, and consulting)is done by me, a solopreneur again after 15 years. I love it. I engage “superheroes” as needed, to keep your costs and my stress down.

nunuventures is a new AZ entity. nunu means “the chaos from which the world was formed” and also “treasured person.” It was my late father’s nickname for me.

Welcome to the nu world of insights and prosperity.

Nancy A Shenker
Despite privacy concerns, 68 percent of U.S. adults still use Facebook. A whopping 73 percent are YouTube viewers. Be sure to match your media to your prospects’ demographics!

Speaking of what people are watching, here’s a sneak preview of some Oscar stats. This is the first year a Netflix film is up for best picture. The screen has changed.
  • Content, Curtis Stone, and food. A great recipe! I was brought into the “kitchen” to help with the marketing, writing, and PR for Catersource 2019. Limited tickets still available. Join me in NOLA?
  • Talent. We all need it. How do we find and keep it? HR as we know it needs reinvention. Join us to DisruptHR in AZ on March 7th. I’m one of the organizers/disrupters.
  • Edtech, fintech, martech and now -- you guessed it -- sextech. From online dating to sex education to long distance “dating,” the bots are coming to the bedroom. Check out the Valentine's edition of Embrace the Machine®.

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Founding, scaling, and cashing-out is clearly a strategy. But what about sustaining? Companies that survive and thrive have stories to tell too. Each month we’ll be featuring a business or person with staying – and reinventing – power, ranging from obscure to big brands.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Store was founded in 1964 with one gas station and now is up to $16 billion in revenues. Provided they re-tool to service autonomous vehicles, they may be around for another 50+ years!
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