Want to get your kids something that lasts this Easter? Something that won't rot their teeth and will train up their hearts to want to seek God? Buy them a Spiritual Circle Journal for Kids/Teens! All the guidance you will need to help them get started is at the front of the journal in the three-page parent/teacher letter.

My almost 7-year-old daughter always asks to journal with me about once every week or so. It is such precious bonding time that I treasure. I know she will look back and remember these times together with fond memories as we build a solid foundation for her prayer life and relationship with God. I love using the journal with my kids as a connecting opportunity and processing tool, especially when they are struggling with something. Order your Easter gift here!  
I want your God stories! You know the ones where you felt the Holy Spirit prompt you to do something. You wrote it in INK in your Action circle. Then you did it and GOD MOVED!!! I will be collecting them and plan to share them on social media and in future newsletters to inspire others to take action when the Holy Spirit prompts. So much good happens when we follow through, so let's not miss those divine appointments and take action! 

Please submit your stories to info@spiritualcirclejournal.com. Keep them to 3-4 paragraphs. I may have to edit some, but I will make sure it all makes sense for the reader so be clear and concise. If you have public social media feeds and want me to mention them when I credit you, please include that, as well as a picture that goes with the story if you have one. Thank you!

I was so grateful I was able to go to the national  IF Gathering conference in Austin this February led by Jennie Allen and the amazing IF team.  I was filled to the brim and came home feeling fired up thanks to God and all these women He used to teach us. I am still fired up and it is over a month later! 

This picture is from Jennie Allen's book launch party for her new book Nothing to Prove . I posted some of the highlights from her inspiring talk on my social media pages. You can find them on Facebook  or Instagram  or by searching this hashtag #ifgathering2017gems.
May 20th Open Morning Retreat in Palatine, IL
Thanks to some creative friends, I streamlined my event flyer and like this format so much better! The circle with the critical information drives home the "bullet points in prayer circles" concept.

I will have another first with this retreat coming up May 20th in Palatine, IL. My 2-hour workshop will be followed by Holy Yoga. Holy Yoga is a class led by a Christian yoga instructor that helps deepen one's connection to Christ through His Word, worship, and wellness. 

I feel so close to God when I am doing Yoga. In fact, I am usually praying the whole time (when I am not groaning in pain as I do deep stretches), so I can't wait to see how others like this morning retreat. Click here for the event flyer and join us if you are in the area! If you want to bring something like this to your church email me at info@spiritualcirclejournal.com.