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The Lakeville Works videos will be served to our community in a variety of ways - including digital marketing, social media, schools, investors and so on.
Proud to Sponsor This!
The Lakeville Chamber, and Lakeville Works, were a proud sponsor of the Lakeville Robotics tournament last weekend. For those that do not know, this is so much more than building robots. These competitors are required to: develop brand and brand strategies, hone their presentation skills, create marketing plans, participate in community relations and sponsorship sales and more.
Business Person of the Year Nominations...
We are now accepting nominations for the 2019 Business Person of the Year. Nominations should include name and a short paragraph as to what they mean to our community.

Please email Krista here by Friday, November 29.
Winner is chosen by the past winners and will be honored at our Annual Dinner on January 28. The Annual Dinner will be held at Brackett's Crossing and registration will open soon.
If you have not been to this before, it is worth getting up early for! Jamie and his team do an AMAZING job feeding us some delicious comfort breakfast food.
We just have to, right?!...
New for 2020!
As we continue to look at ways to be a resourced for YOU, our business community, one of the areas we get asked about a lot is opportunities for professional development for our member employees. I am very excited to say that we have partnered with one of our Chamber members, Think GREAT , to bring you 3 professional development series options in early 2020.

There are 3 series options (see below) and each is a 4-part series (see dates/times on flyer), hosted at Bowlero, that includes the accompanying book and workbook. Each series is $250 per attendee. We have staggered them so that you have the ability take all three, if you so choose.
Series Option 1
Strategic Planning
Theme :               
Your business is like an aircraft – it was never designed to remain on the ground. Discover how to take off and soar to new heights.

Takeaways :       
Attendees will discover the Business Elevation System (BES) and learn the strategies and techniques needed to elevate to new levels and achieve the business results they have always dreamed of. They will gain a new perspective on increasing sales and profitability, empowering your team, and developing the leaders who will carry out their own unique flight plan for success.

  1. Learn how to create a powerful Flight Plan
  2. Understand techniques for Aircrew Development
  3. Discover how to make Tactical Maneuvers
  4. Achieve new breakthroughs with Ascension Enhancement
Series Option 2
Leadership Development
Theme :               
Discover your greater purpose as a leader and unlock your potential, inspiring your team to set and accomplish important goals.

Takeaways :       
Attendees will discover the leadership strategies and techniques necessary to inspire, motivate, and influence their entire teams and co-workers. With an emphasis of creating an empowering culture, leaders will learn new ways to encourage their team members, achieve exponential growth, and experience unparalleled results. Today’s leaders will unleash the leadership potential in their teams!

  1. Learn strategies to Enhance Perceptions
  2. Understand techniques to Elevate Priorities
  3. Discover new ways to Empower People
  4. Develop the ability to Exceed Possibilities
Series Option 3
Sales Excellence
Theme :         
Learn how to create the sales engine required for transformational sales results and drive sales to new levels.
Takeaways :       
Attendees will discover the strategies necessary to enhance their perceptions of selling and open new opportunities. With an emphasis of developing productive actions, attendees will learn new ways to overcome challenges, harness the power of a powerful schedule, and develop an environment that supports high-performance. Today’s sales leaders will unleash untapped potential in their teams!

  1. Learn how to Develop an Unbreakable Mindset
  2. Understand how to gather Unparalleled Data
  3. Create Unstoppable Gears
  4. Develop a culture with Unmatched Structure
Annual directory sales
start next week.
2020-21 Directories will be delivered in Spring 2020
Over 3,500 directories and community guides are distributed throughout Lakeville. This is a low cost, full color, marketing option that circulates in our community for a full year.
Early Bird Deadline - Dec 31
Newsletter Sponsor
To purchase this space, please contact Chamber via email here or 952-469-2020.

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