The 40 Days of Prayer 2020 vision is to call for forty days of non-stop prayer from September 26 to November 4. This 40 Days of Prayer is led by Gideon’s Army Ministries and several prayer ministries which are coming together to call the nation to a time of intense, non-stop prayer. They are calling for at least 40 churches to commit to cover one 24 hour period with non-stop prayer. Calvary has chosen 8:00am Monday, September 28 until 8:00am Tuesday, September 29 for our time slot. You may view the Calvary prayer schedule here.

Calvary, we are asking each of you to choose a one hour time slot to pray. There are several times left during our 24 hour period. For each hour time period, there are two slots available. We invite you to choose a time where another has signed up so that spot will be filled, or you may choose another time that is available.

We encourage you to gather together, pray over the phone, or use an online platform such as Zoom or FaceTime to agree together in prayer (Matthew 18:19-20). We hope that we can have at least 2 people praying per hour, in each time slot. However, we do realize this may not be possible, especially at certain times during our assigned 24 hour time period. That is okay. What is important is that you pray during the hour(s) you've chosen.

If we fill all available time slots within our 24 hour period, we will add more options for each time slot. You are welcome to choose more than one time slot. All we ask is that you honor your commitment to pray during those times. An email and text reminder will be sent to you the day before, reminding you of the time(s) you signed up to pray.

To hear more about this important call to prayer, please watch this video from Gideon Stanley, a long-time friend of Calvary.