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In addition to my own recordings, I am working with Emma Jane Conley on the first song, John Lennon’s Imagine. Emma is the featured soloist on the What If video - Linda will be helping Emma set up her new Web Site along with other social media accounts.

Craig Mytton, an old songwriter friend who I haven’t seen in years, is scheduled to start collaborating with me on some new songs. I can’t wait to hear what he has created.



All the trees are fully leafed-out and sweet-smelling flowers are everywhere - here in Texas anyway. The days are getting longer, and the nights are mild and inviting. May is one of my favorite months of the year. OK – I admit that each month offers something special to enjoy. All you need to do is open your eyes to the natures wonders.


I wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers especially those who are taking care of children that are not their own. That takes a special kind of love.


If it were up to me, we would celebrate Mother’s Day every day of the year.

This Mother’s Day weekend has the Salado Cowboy and Poetry Gathering happening all over town ( I will be hosting one of the events at the Salado Civic Center during the day on Saturday. The event producer has asked me to sing Salado to open each performance. I am honored to be a part of this event!

Bluebonnet Evening

The Bluebonnet Evening rehearsals are starting up for the cast of Bluebonnet Road. They have seventeen songs to learn for the June production. I am on the same path for all the songs planned for My Life in Song concert.


Tickets for this Bluebonnet Evening are available at The dates are Friday, June 24th and Saturday, June 25th both shows starting at 7:30 PM and Sunday Matinee on June 26th at 2:30 PM.  

Out of town guests please contact me for a list of great places to stay while you are here in Salado. I hope you will join us for an evening full of love, laughter and maybe even a dance contest. Who knows what else will be in store?


The story behind

Mother's Love

Mother’s Love video -

I consider myself a very lucky man because I have learned a great deal from the five Mothers I have known in my lifetime.


The first wasn’t with me for very long. Her name was Grace. She was my biological mother. She died from pregnancy complications along with my 2nd brother. I was about 4 ½ years old so I only have vague memories of my life with her. I don’t have any pictures of the two of us together so I can’t tell if these memories are real or just my dreams.


My second mother was Bernadine, my dad’s second wife. She was a kind person and must have loved my dad very much to take on him along with my younger brother, Phil, and me. She always told me that she married my dad because of me. I don’t know if that is true or not, but I have fond memories of her taking me shopping and treating me to pizza. I seem to remember that she worked at the Goldman’s candy counter in Milwaukee, my hometown. As I grew older, we didn’t get along so well. My fault, and I wish I could tell her I’m sorry.


The third mother in my life was Pauline. She was also the mother to my first wife. Pauline was an intelligent woman who welcomed me into her home with open arms. I never did get a chance to tell her goodbye.


My fourth mother is the one I met when I came to Texas. Her daughter, Linda, and I became best friends while working for the Cousteau Society, my reason for coming to Houston in the first place. She adored our son, Timothy, and was a woman with strong convictions that she shared with me on a regular basis. She was a loving woman with a fearless sense of right and wrong.


The fifth mother is my wife, Linda. To me, she represents the three stages of a mother’s life’s, all in one woman. I first met her as Mother Earth - a caring woman that loves all creatures large and small. Then, she became the mother of our son, Timothy. It was an amazing journey watching her nurture and support him for all those years. I traveled a great deal, so she became the foundation of our family. And now, that she is a grandmother, I see a whole new side of her love for both of our grandchildren.


When I first wrote this song, it was a gateway for me to express my deepest sorrow for the loss of my mother those many years ago. As the years have gone by, this song has grown into a celebration for all the mothers who dedicate their lives to taking care of their families. Her love’s so strong, she never let’s go!


If it were up to me, we would celebrate Mother’s Day every day of the year.  RpT


You may be aware that the creation of videos and recordings of my songs is not a money-making proposition. The costs for projects like this and other recordings are fully absorbed by me. Any revenue they produce doesn’t come close to covering these costs. Toward that end, I have set up a Patreon site as a place to join with friends, share my thoughts, songs, videos & lots more.


Please take a few moments to check out my Patreon site and consider subscribing. Click on the link below. Thank you!




Richard Paul Thomas


“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life – Music & Cats” Albert Schweitzer

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