Samuels South Coast

December 9th- December 11th

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Fresh Stone Crab Claws

Locally Caught

Medium (6/9 per lbs)$19.95/lb

Large (5/7 per lbs)$24.95/lb

Jumbo (2/4 per lbs)$39.95/lb


North Carolina

Trout Fillets

5-7 oz Each

Special price: $9.95/lb


Fresh Cod Loins

Caught in Iceland

14 oz Plus

Special Price: $10.95/lb


Fresh Live Canadian Lobsters

1.25 lb Size

Special Price: $11.95/lb


Smoked Salmon Fillet

3-4 lb Average


Special Price: $17.95/lb 


Fresh Clams

100 Count

Little Necks

Special Price: $0.29/ea


Fresh Doversole

20-24 oz Sizes

Whole Fish

Special Price: $19.95/lb


Canterbury Cure

Italian Osetra Caviar

1 oz Unit

Special Price: $39.95/ea


Oyster of the Evening!

Choice of...

Momma Mia: $1.10/ea

Cortez Island: $1.10/ea


Fresh Yellowtail Snapper

House Cut Fillets

Skin on, PBO

Special Price: $15.95/lb


Fresh Faroe Island

Salmon Fillets

3-4 LB, Skin on, PBO

Special Price: $8.95/lb


Fresh Scallops

10/20 Size

8 LB Unit

Special Price: $17.95/lb


Fresh Dorade

House Cut

Fillet from 600-800g Fish

Special Price: $11.95/lb


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*Must be a Samuels Seafood Company account holder for the daily special prices.

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