Iowa Family & Educator Partnership Newsletter Vol 11, Num 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                March 2018
Procedural Safeguards for Parents Recording
Couldn't make it to the January 25th Procedural Safeguards for Parents?  We have it up and running on the GPAEA webpage. You can find it by going to  www.gpaea.org, click on services tab, scroll down to  Iowa Family & Educator Partnership/FEP, click, scroll down to Recorded Learning Opportunities.


CHALLENGER BASEBALL LEAGUE                                                    

  Ottumwa Challenger League offers "adapted baseball" to individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities.  
It provides the opportunity for every student to participate in baseball regardless of ability or limitations.  
Challenger League advocates the use of a 'Buddy System.'  Players who are unable to play independently 
may be assisted by a parent, friend, or sibling.  Students ages 5-21 (or until the completion of high school)
are eligible to play.  Registration is open to 
anyone who resides in Ottumwa or the surrounding communities. 
If you, or someone that you know, are interested in playing or have questions, please contact Ellen Moreland, 
Challenger League Coordinator, at 641-799-0825.

Deadline for registering is March 20th.

Anxiety: Why It's Different From Stress
  • Anxiety is not uncommon among children with learning and attention issues.
  • There's a difference between anxiety and stress.
  • There are steps you can take to help your child manage anxiety.


New Guide to Mobile Apps for Transition-age Youth

Many free and low-cost mobile apps are available to support transition-age youth
with disabilities as they  embark on their journey towards post-secondary education,
job training, employment, and independent living. With so many options, where do
you begin? A new PACER book, "The Path to Independence: Mobile Apps to
Support Transition-Age Youth," includes apps that parents and professionals have
found useful and well-designed. 


Website Guide
Parent Support Groups

Iowa Compass
is an all in one disability resource database. To find information about disability related programs

& services for Iowa
residents go to www.iowacompass.org

Document Guide 
This Months AT Minute

Today's tool: Seeing A1 by Microsoft 
this app is FREE. The app is designed for people who are blind or have low vision. It is an intelligent camera app 
that can provide people with information about who and what is around you.  The app scans and reads text.

The app has four channels:
  1. Short text channel reads text right away using the camera. This channel is designed to read labels, signs, and other short amounts of text.
  2. Document channel reads documents using OCR. It detects edges for you informing you if you are not getting the entire document in the photo.
  3. Product channel identifies products based on their barcode and gives a description.
  4. Person channel estimates the age and emotion of people using the device's camera. The app guides you on where to hold the camera to get the entire person in the picture.
The app works with VoiceOver commands.

Example of how to scan and read text.                           Open the app scroll down to document.                                                      
Select document and take a photo of the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               document.  Th
e app will guide you in                                                                                                                                                                                                                 
how to take the picture.  
After you take                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 the photo it will say processing.
Additional resources:  Youtube Tutorials.
mediacenter@gpaea.org to reset your user name 
and password.  

                                               This is what the document will look like when                                                  you are reading. It will highlight and read the                                                  text. Notice on the bottom you can play, stop,                                                  send, and change the size of text.                                                                                                                                                

To borrow an iPad with the Seeing  A1 app from the AEA Media Center contact: Teresa.miller@gpaea.org or EXT 5272.

If you have equipment, setup, or other questions contact at ellie.hamilton@gpaea.org.

For more family friendly information
please visit our website at 

Workshop on Twice Exceptionality
                 Central Rivers AEA, Cedar Falls
                 Friday, April 13-Saturday April 14
                       Register now at https://itag_2e_workshop.eventbrite.com 

Training educators to meet the academic and affective needs of twice exceptional students is a critical need in Iowa. ITAG's spring workshop for gifted and special needs educators and administrators will assist district teams in developing plans to address these challenges and to learn instructional approaches that emphasize rigor. Teachers and all educational personnel can benefit from professional development on the characteristics and performance of twice exceptional students, which will increase the probability that these students will be identified and appropriately served with both gifted and special education services. Each team attending will leave with a district plan draft for serving twice exceptional students as well as strategies designed to provide appropriate classroom instruction.

Presenters include Megan Foley-Nicpon from the University of Iowa and Rebecca Lopez and Julie MacKissock from Cherry Creek School District, Greenwood Village, Colorado. Iowa educators will share their approaches in breakout sessions.

Each team attending will leave with a district plan draft for serving twice exceptional students as well as strategies designed to provide appropriate classroom instruction. Register four people from your district and  ITAG will waive the registration fee for one administrator from your district!  Contact  info@iowatag.org  for more information.

Registration is limited to 200 attendees.   All workshop sessions will be held at the  Central Rivers AEA 1521 Technology Pkwy, Cedar Falls, IA 50613  .

Friday, April 27, 2018  8:15 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Center for Disabilities and Development
Rembolt Conference Room

Cost: $175 professionals, $125 families, $50 students

We are in the process of obtaining information needed from presenters to offer CMEs to attendees.  
Contact Todd Kopleman, Todd-Kopelman@uiowa.edu, 319-356-2491, if you have any questions.


Iowans with ABLE savings accounts will be able to save more next year.  The total annual contribution limit to an ABLE account will be increased from $14,000 per tax year to $15,000 per tax year beginning this year.  This will allow Iowans with ABLE accounts to save an extra $1,000 a year without loosing other benefits.  

For more information about ABLE accounts, please visit the ABLE National Resource Center at www.ablenrc.oorg or Iowa's ABLE website at www.iable.gov.
The Impacts of Tourette Syndrome Study

How has having Tourette Syndrome or a Tic Disorder affected you or your family? The Tourette Association of America is
looking for participants to take a brief survey on the impacts of having Tourette Syndrome or a Tic Disorder. 

Do You Have Good News About Your Child's Success?

Every day your child experiences little successes as they move forward in their educational experience. We would like to hear your stories about the progress your child is making through the collaborative efforts of Great Prairie AEA, your school and you. Please take a few minutes to share news about your child and the great things he/she is learning to do. We need the following basic information for an article to share with our readers:
  • Child's Name
  • Child's School District
  • Child's Age (when he/she began receiving AEA assistance and Age now)
  • Child's Unique Needs
  • How the AEA has been instrumental in the progress? GPAEA LOGO
  • Your Name and Names of those AEA staff who have been or continue to serve your child
If you would like to share a success story with us, please send the above information to Jennifer Woodley, Communication Specialist, Great Prairie AEA, at jennifer.woodley@gpaea.org

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