District Mid-year meeting agenda 

Worthy District Deputy,
Enclosed includes the agenda and supporting presentations and documents you will need for a successful mid-year meeting. Please allow sufficient time to cover all of the material presented- at least 2-3 hours, maybe more.

Don't shortchange your council leaders- provide them the necessary tools and resouces so they can be the Father McGivney's in their parishes. 

Know that the State Officers and fraternal leaders are ready to assist you however needed. 

Once your meeting is over, complete the recap sheet and let us know how it went. Good, bad, ugly- we need that infomation to better serve you.

From all of us- a very great Advent season and Merry Christmas!

Jon Aldrich
State Deputy
District Meeting Agenda and resources
Below are links to all of the things needed for a successful  District mid-year meeting-

Resource Book (the digital version of what you have inside your bag

Presentations from the State mid-year meeting
Was there a presentation you wish to review again, or something you wish to show your councils? Below are most of the presentations from the mid-year meeting. If there is something not listed below, please e-mail programs@iowakofc.org
Nominate an outstanding program for a KofC Award

We all have that one individual in our council that ensures everything happens- why not nominate them for an award?

The State Council has nearly a dozen awards to recognize the hard work being done throughout our councils, parishes, and communities.

For more information about the awards, to download the applications, or to complete them online, please visit http://iowakofc.org/programs. 
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