Member Newsletter of IABC India | April 2017
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Welcome to the 2nd edition of our monthly member newsletter. In this issue, we have some great curated member-only resources including a few webinars, new articles, an ebook as well as the latest issue of the Communication World (CW) Magazine as part of your membership benefits. Every month, we will feature one of YOU in the Member Spotlight section, so we know each other better. We encourage you to share your profile as well as your works to be featured in the forthcoming issues of this newsletter. 

We would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for being an IABC Member! The newly constituted Board of the India Chapter aims to revive the activities of the Chapter and revitalize it while growing its membership base. To this end, we solicit your ideas, suggestions, and support in rebuilding the India Chapter of IABC. This newsletter is a step towards creating a new, energized IABC community in India. 

Coming up next are a series of monthly informal get-together meets as well as Communications World Breakfast Meetings with eminent personalities / speakers across all major member hubs. To begin with, we invite you to our first catch-up meeting for members in Delhi NCR on Friday, May 5 in Gurugram.

Please encourage your friends and industry colleagues to join IABC  or  reinstate  your membership if it's due for renewal. Feel free to share this newsletter, contribute to it, and help us expand the IABC network in the country.

IABC India Board Members

Subhamoy Das (Delhi NCR) - President
Bish Mukherjee
(Chennai) - Immediate Past President
Ashwani Singla
(Delhi NCR) - Vice President
Aniisu Verghese
(Bangalore) - Treasurer
Swati Sharma
(Delhi NCR) - Director, Membership
Avani Ekbote Mahindra
(Mumbai) - Director, Programs
Purba Mukherjee (Delhi NCR) - Director, Communications
Pavan Kumar Nerella
(Hyderabad) - Director, IT and Website

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Latest News
Public Relations Council of India (PRCI) inducted Ashwani Singla, Vice President, IABC India, into its Hall of Fame at its 11th Global Conclave held in Bangalore last month. On his induction into the PRCI Hall of Fame, Ashwani said, “I am grateful to the members of the PRCI for this rare honour. This recognition really belongs to my outstanding colleagues, clients, friends, and my family. It is their faith and belief in me that has led to this recognition.” 
Member Spotlight
Know your fellow IABC Member

Dr. Mukund Rajan is the Chief Ethics Officer of the Tata group. He oversees the foreign offices of Tata Sons, and chairs the Tata Global Sustainability Council. He has held a number of senior executive and board positions through his 22 year career with the Tata group. He currently serves as a Non-Executive Director on the boards of Tata SIA Airlines and TCS Foundation, and is a member of the Advisory Board of the Tata Opportunities Fund. He is the Chairperson of the Environment Committee of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and serves as the Co-Chair of the National Committee on CSR of the Confederation of Indian Industry.
Storytelling is a powerful way to create meaning for employees, set a vision for the future, and bring your brand to life. We bring to you three articles which will tell you how to:
  1. Create a simple yet effective strategy story
  2. Give your stories meaning and purpose
  3. Connect the five essential elements to create a strong story

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How can we be excellent at employee communication in whatever job or circumstance we find ourselves?  Give Voice to What Unites Us: Renewing employee communication excellence through intentional purpose, delivery, and conversation by Sheri Rosen, ABC, IABC Fellow, tells the story of excellent employee communication. If you are a new member, login now to read the full copy.
Member-Only Free Webinars
  1. Crisis plans that reposition a brand for success 
    Presented by Darius Fisher - 2 May 2017
  2. Dare to be different! A new perspective on goal-setting
    Presented by Jan Spence - 19 May 2017
  3. How to get employee attention when everyone’s so busy
    Presented by Sarah Perry - 1 June 2017
Communication World April 2017
In this month's issue of IABC's CW magazine, we emphasise on the power of storytelling to create meaning and reinforce a sense of ownership for everyone in your organisation. We look at how to make strategy more memorable with storytelling, and highlight some of the elements of story structure for great leadership communication.

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