Feb 2021
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Families of Distinction Nominations Are Due Soon!
March 5, 2021
Every year, IACAA asks that each agency nominates one (1) family or individual who has made significant progress towards stability and self-sufficiency with the assistance of their agency.

IACAA appreciates the time and effort that each agency puts into nominating a “Family of Distinction” each year. In order to streamline the process and make it easier for all parties involved, we have created a new application process. 

Filling out the new application is easy!
To submit a nomination, simply:

Upcoming Training Opportunities at IACAA!
Our 2021 training schedule will equip you with information on Customer Service Approaches, Quality Assurance for CAA's and MUCH MORE! CLICK HERE to view our 2021 March Training Calendar and REGISTER TODAY!

Here are a few of our upcoming trainings:

This is part three of the Customer Service series. This will dive deeper into customer practices, break down organizational culture and explore the value of quality improvement.

The Community Needs Assessments serves the foundation and focus of a CAA's work. Connecting in the Strategic Plan strengthens the agency's focus and vision.
This training will help draw the line connecting the CNA to the Agency Strategic Plan and underscore the need for ROMA implementation across the entire agency.

If you are new to Community or need a refresher - this is the webinar for you. Community Action fundamentals, including history, legislation, reporting and relationships will be discussed. Learn more about the story behind the work and how we continue to provide opportunities to families and individuals that experience poverty.

This session continues the exploration of Focus Groups and the value Focus Groups bring to the Community Needs Assessment, the Agency Strategic Plan and the Community Action Plan. We will focus on facilitation methodology and explore the various ways to collect data.

Moving forward with the CNA/CAP training series, this session will examine the elements and flow of Community Action Plans and provide guidance and insight into using the CAP.

Focus Groups can provide rich and meaningful qualitative data for agency planning. Join us for a discussion that will take on the value of data to inform your assessment and planning processes. 
Register for the 50th Anniversary IACAA Conference Today!
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2021 is a year of celebration, marking the 50th anniversary of the Association. It is also marks a year of both daunting challenges and remarkable opportunities. It is a vivid reminder that we must continue to learn from our past and connect it to our future – ensuring that our collective mission of “Helping People. Changing Lives” continues.

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OSHA Issues Updated Guidance for COVID-19 in the Workplace
On January 29, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued updated guidance on mitigating and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. The new guidance restates prior OSHA guidance and recommendations concerning workplace responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to adding new recommendations and information about vaccinations and other effective preventative measures.

Just like prior OSHA guidance, the new guidance recommends that employers implement COVID-19 prevention programs for their workplaces that incorporate the following elements:

·    Conducting a hazard assessment;
·    Identifying exposure risks along with safety measures that may limit the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace, including considerations for higher risk employees;
·    Establishing effective communication with employees about COVID-19 safety measures which includes educating and training employees on how to properly implement those measures;
·    Performing enhanced cleaning and disinfecting after potentially infected employees vacate the workplace;
·   Recording and reporting COVID-19 infections and deaths;
·   Providing guidance on screening and testing;
·   Implementing protections from retaliation for employees who raise concerns related to COVID-19; and
·   Adopting measures to ensure that employees who are infected or potentially infected are separated from the workplace and coworkers.

2021 IHWAP Trainings!
Administered by the Indoor Climate Research and Training center
Important training administered by the Indoor Climate Research and Training (ICRT) Center is coming up in 2021! Additional course offerings may be added to the schedule based on network needs. To learn more about the courses or to register, email Kristopher Chapman at klc5@illinois.edu.

·  (Chicago) Basic Heat: 3/1/21 – 3/5/21
·  (Chicago) Advanced Heat: 3/15/21 – 3/19/21
·  (Chicago) AC-HP: 3/29/21 – 4/2/21
·  Health & Safety 3/1/21 – 3/5/21
·  WeatherWorks Workshop: 3/8/21-3/9/21
· Heat Transfer: 3/15/21 – 3/19/21
·  Building Fundamentals: 3/29/21 – 4/2/21

Classes will be held at the Champaign Training Center:
Indoor Climate Research & Training
2111 S. Oak Street, Suite 106
Champaign, IL 61820

Chicago Classes will be held at CEDA Training Center:
450 W. 169th St.
South Holland, IL 60473
For more information, please contact Diana Fuller at dfuller@iacaanet.org
OHS has announced the new Director for the Office of Head Start, Bernadine Futrell, Ph.D.
Bernadine Futrell, Ph.D., is the director of the Office of Head Start (OHS). Dr. Futrell, a Head Start child, began her career as an assistant Head Start teacher in Richmond, Virginia. She came to OHS in the Biden Administration from the National Head Start Association (NHSA), where she was most recently the senior director for effective practice. Prior to NHSA, Dr. Futrell led superintendent certification programs at the American Association of School Administrators. 
She is co-author of the book ConnectED Leaders: Network and Amplify Your Superintendency, and a regular contributor in research studies. Committed to service, she is a member of the advisory committees at George Mason University and Howard University.
Dr. Futrell holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University, a master’s degree in educational psychology from George Mason University, a Ph.D. in education policy from George Mason University, and post-graduate certificates from Complutense University of Madrid and Harvard University. Dr. Futrell and her husband are the proud parents of two elementary-aged children.