Jan 2021
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Upcoming Training Opportunities at IACAA!
Our 2021 training schedule will equip you with information on LIHEAP Customer Practices, Customer Service Approaches, Quality Assurance for CAA's and MUCH MORE! CLICK HERE to view our 2021 February/March Training Calendar and REGISTER TODAY!

Here are a few of our upcoming trainings:

This training will deepen our learning around providing excellent service for LIHEAP customers and examine organizational culture to potentially shift/change customer service practices.

This session targets suburban LIHEAP agencies and provides an opportunity to discuss your LIHEAP customer practices, share with your peers and discuss the recorded LIHEAP Customer Practice training.

“Social Determinants of Health” is a term referring to the conditions in which a person is born, grows, works, lives, learns, and plays. These conditions have a significant role in a person’s health and are shaped by the distribution of money, power, and resources at global, national and local levels. It should be no surprise that poverty is the single largest SDOH creating significant health disparities. Health inequities are unfair and avoidable within communities across the country and the world. This session will explore factors that contribute to health; barriers that get in the way of everyone having the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible; the difference between equity and equality; and how we can apply what we know about SDOH to improve individual and population health equity.

Join us! This part 2 training will expand upon previous information given on Community Engagement.
SURVEY: Call for Speakers & Presentations for the 2021 IACAA Virtual Conference
The 2020 IACAA Annual Conference was filled with great content and eager-to-learn attendees! One of our top priorities is ensuring our conferences represent the topics, issues, and speakers most relevant to our attendees. We therefore invite program ideas directly from our community. In 2021, we're looking for speakers to continue the momentum and help us build the best Community Action program yet.

We are seeking best practices and thought-provoking ideas based on the Promise of Community Action.  
New GATA Updates
DHS is pleased to announce a new tool to help organizations across Illinois successfully comply with the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) and for those who need a refresh.
The IDHS Grant Accountability and Transparency Act (GATA) Technical Assistance (TA) Learning Management System (LMS) was developed to provide technical assistance and navigation of the Grant Accountability and Transparency Act and the grant application process.
The system is available for self-paced online learning, with an instructor in a physical classroom or in a virtual classroom online. It includes six modules and the estimated time to complete all modules is approximately 24 hours. The weblink for self-paced online learning is available at no cost on the IDHS website under the "Providers" tab, on the "Provider Information" section.
Links to the IDHS GATA TA LMS and Participants guide:
Updated IDHS Website LINK:
Assistance with the system may be obtained by using the "Get Support" tab located under "Tools" on the GATA TA LMS launch page.
Questions and assistance with the subject matter content may be addressed by your grant program point of contact or via email: DHS.GATATraining@illinois.gov
2021 IHWAP Trainings!
Administered by the Indoor Climate Research and Training center
Important training administered by the Indoor Climate Research and Training (ICRT) Center is coming up in 2021! Additional course offerings may be added to the schedule based on network needs. To learn more about the courses or to register, email Kristopher Chapman at klc5@illinois.edu.

· TCP Round 3: 2/22/2021​
· Crew Lead/Arch Certification: 2/8/2021​
· WeatherWorks Training: 3/8/2021​
· Dense Pack Training: Call ICRT for Scheduling​
· Air Sealing Workshop: Call ICRT for Scheduling​
· RRP Full-Day Certification: 3/10 and 3/11/2021​
· RRP Half-Day Recertification: 3/12/2021​
· BPI/QCI Refresher with Online Exam: Call ICRT for Scheduling​
· Mobile Home Training (Chris Clay): Call ICRT for Scheduling
For more information, please contact Diana Fuller at dfuller@iacaanet.org
VirtualCAP RoundUP: A Unique Community Action Network Resource
Start the New Year by taking a look at the December issue of VirtualCAP RoundUP. IACAA is providing each CAA in Illinois with a subscription to RoundUP. A special Focus Topic starts off each issue followed by short articles on Successful CAA Funding Initiatives, Innovative CAA Programs, Community Action News and more. Links are included for source material and useful resources.

Testimonial from CAA executive director
"RoundUP energizes our staff and we can't wait for the next issue to arrive!
Great information about the innovative work of CAAs that helps advance our agency."

Request assistance if needed with your agency’s username and password to access the current issue and archives. Each issue is published online and PDF download. 
Upcoming Holiday Closings At IACAA
IACAA will be closed on February 12th in honor of Abraham Lincoln's Birthday and February 15th in recognition Presidents' Day. We will resume regular hours the following business day.