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From IACP's President...

I'm racing to catch a plane for IACP's Compounders on Capitol Hill event that starts tomorrow in Washington, DC, so I'll be brief.
If you're joining me at that event, thank you. I look forward to seeing you there, and I'm grateful for the time and effort you'll give to visiting with your members of Congress this coming Tuesday.
If you're unable to join us, I have a thank you for you, too. It's thanks in advance for responding to this simple request: Will you take three minutes THIS WEEKEND and participate in our virtual fly-in by sending a message to your members of Congress urging them to sign on to HR 1959 and the congressional letter to FDA on MOU? By doing so, you'll tee-up the issue so that it'll be on their radar when we get to their offices Tuesday.

In two weeks, I'll share a report on CCH and the progress you helped us achieve in moving our advocacy priorities forward.

For now, thanks for your support for IACP.


Jennifer Burch, PharmD, RPh, CDE
IACP President
You're either at the table or you're on the menu
In compounding pharmacy, that's not a slogan -- it's a fact. Your profession is only as strong as its ability to elect and support candidates who think like you do about your compounding operation. The way we do that is via CompPAC, IACP's political action committee.
When you invest in CompPAC, you help assure we're at the table, influencing legislation and regulation on your behalf.
Please take a moment to do your part. CompPAC accepts personal investments only. No corporate dollars are allowed. Whether your investment is $500 or $5000, it's how you demonstrate leadership - and protect your compounding business.  Here's where to learn more.

You save $200 on Compounding Compliance Conference
We're proud to support CBI's  2nd Annual Compounding Pharmacy Compliance Conference.
Visit the conference website to download the brochure. Use the exclusive IACP Members Discount Code KAN583 to get $200 off the standard registration fee.
$500 discount on PCAB accreditation for IACP members
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Looking for state-level board of pharmacy ambassadors
Our Stateside Coalition is a coordinated, state-level effort by a network of respected compounders to educate their local boards of pharmacy and state legislators on issues affecting the compounding industry and to unify the states in their efforts to promote patient access to compounded medications. Read more about it here. Interested in becoming a state liaison? Email [email protected].
USP updates nearing completion
IACP received the following this week from USP:

Updates pertaining to the USP Compounding General Chapters are nearing   publication (June 1, 2019)and   official date of implementation (December 1, 2019)
USP standards help ensure quality compounded preparations, promote public health and protect patients and healthcare workers.

Revisions to chapters <795> and <797> and the development of the new chapter <825> reflect advancements in science and practice.  The Expert Committees reviewed over 8,000 comments from patients, healthcare practitioners, policymakers, academicians, and industry to help ensure that broad perspectives are included in the standards while maintaining a focus on patient safety and access to quality medicine.
We are committed to supporting you and your constituents in understanding and implementing these standards. USP offers educational programs and practical tools to support you with adopting the updated standards and ensuring quality compounded preparations and the safety of patients and healthcare workers.
Stay informed on USP Compounding Standards and associated initiatives and educational materials by signing up for USP updates via

In addition, please find below a brief list of activities and resources you or your constituents may find helpful, which will be accessible at
We encourage you to share the information in this email with your constituents and any other relevant stakeholders.   
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. For any technical questions, please email [email protected] as our Healthcare Quality and Safety team is best equipped to field these questions.
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