First issue of new IACSP newsletter! January 2016

IACSP Newsletter Issue #1                        Jan 2016
Analog to IP Surveillance Migration Webinar
Many casinos throughout the industry are still using some type of analog video surveillance equipment.  This webinar will explore the different steps in the migration process from analog to full IP video.  A phased approached will be discussed allowing the Casino Manager to spread the upgrade cost over a longer period of time and also reducing overall cost.  Product and vendor selection will also be discussed as they are key to a successful project.  If you are just planning the transition or currently somewhere in the process, this webinar promises to be very informative and will help you avoid the pitfalls encountered by many successful upgrade projects. 
Presented by Robert Prady CPP PSP CSP.   Robert is a security systems professional with over twenty years experience in the security, law enforcement and military arenas. His experience includes security risk analysis, security systems design, project management, security consulting, investigations and forensic video enhancement. Robert's project resume includes several large security upgrade projects within the transportation, education and hospitality business segments. Robert is Board Certified in Security Management, Physical Security and Homeland Security.  Robert is an active volunteer leader within ASIS International including the ASIS Gaming and Wagering Council. Robert is also an avid freelance photographer and outdoors-men.

Monday, December 21 at 9:00am PST

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Researcher Creates Gadget That Bypasses Credit Card Chip & PIN Safeguards

Samy Kamkar, the inventor of numerous hacking tools, has created another mind-blowing device, one that can accurately read and predict credit card numbers, and bypass chip & PIN safeguards embedded within modern cards.
The device, called MagSpoof uses information stored on credit/debit cards, inside the standard magstripe (magnetic strip).
Hackers can analyze the magnetic field produced by this magnetic strip, and then store it on MagSpoof. Since the magstripe is used to validate card transactions, the card's number and other details are encoded in the magnetic strip itself.

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What Happened to Game Protection

Recently a major strip casino in Las Vegas suffered a million dollar loss to a dealer agent scheme that went on for two years. While we all know and expect that our casinos will get cheated and ripped off I was surprised that a scam such as this could go on so long and cost so much.
So what happened?

Apparently the dealers involved paid their coconspirators for bets that never transpired. At this time, it's believed that most of, if not all, of these bets were "Hop" bets (one roll verbal bets for a certain combination of the dice). Hop bets have been around forever, and have always been used as a method to  ...

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NV: New Nightclub Regulations


1. During all hours of operation, and in cooperation with the licensee, when applicable, each club venue located on the premises of a non-restricted gaming establishment must record the following areas within the club venue by providing clear, dedicated coverage of: (a) Club venue ingress/egress (b) Designated security podiums (c) Bars (d) Public restroom doors/entryways (e) Entrances to all restricted areas (f) Security office or other designated detention room where persons may be detained as provided in subsection 2 below ... 

Meet One of the IACSP Board of Directors ...
Ron Buono
Ron Buono

How did you get your start in the gaming industry? Started dealing the four major games dating back to  1978.

What was your favorite case? It was a Pai Gow Tiles case where I had to go to court  and my lawyer left me to hang when I was being questioned.  He had no  idea how the game was played and/or which questions to ask back.

What one piece of advice would you give to a new surveillance agent? My advice would be to get a degree in Math, it's a new  world out there.

What is your favorite quote or phrase? I'm not the boss, I'm just the guy who has to make the final decision.

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A message from IACSP

We are looking for contributing authors for articles for the newsletter.  CSPs may use it for credits toward their required continuing education units.

Contact Jen Boss, Executive Administrator, for more information or to submit articles.

Jen Boss, CSP
(270) 724-4368
Recommended Books

Hospitality Security
by Darrell Clifton

A security director must have knowledge of criminal and civil law, risk and personnel management, budgeting and finance, and a host of other areas in order to be effective. Hospitality Security: Managing Security in Today's Hotel, Lodging, Entertainment, and Tourism Environment provides experience-based, proven methods for preventing and resolving the challenges faced by today's hospitality practitioner.

Designed for both novice security professionals and industry veterans in need of a reference, the book covers:
  • Risk assessment, where threats and vulnerabilities are calculated with probabilities to determine risk
  • The security plan, where you decide how to apply various layers of control to mitigate the risks
  • Budgeting: the amount of money available to implement the plan determines the next step
  • Policies: how to document policies into a security manual, training manual, emergency procedures manual, and incident action plan
  • Staffing: scheduling, wages, deployment, and contract security
  • Training, including specialized topics such as use of force and bike patrol
  • Physical security and patrol procedures
  • Alarm and camera systems and various software programs
  • Emergency procedures and response
  • Investigations, interviews, and crime analysis
  • Executive skills: learning from proven leadership styles
Ideal for novices and veterans alike, this accessible, reader-friendly primer enables security directors to evaluate what risks are inherent to hospitality environments, analyze those risks through threat and vulnerability assessments, and develop methods to mitigate or eliminate them-all the while keeping customers and personnel safe and improving the bottom line.

Recommended Books

Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance
by Derk J Boss and Alan W Zajic

A lmost all incidences of cheating, theft, fraud, or loss can b e detected through the surveillance of critical transactions, audit observations, and reviews of key metrics. Providing proven-techniques for detecting and mitigating the ever-evolving threats to casino security, this book covers the core skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to protect casino assets, guests, and employees.

Drawing on the authors' six decades of combined experience in the industry, Casino Security and Gaming Surveillance identifies the most common threats to casino security and provides specific solutions for addressing these threats. From physical security and security management to table and gaming surveillance, it details numerous best practice techniques, strategies, and tactics, in addition to the metrics required to effectively monitor operations.

The authors highlight valuable investigation tools, including interview techniques and evidence gathering. They also cover IOU patrol, tri-shot coverage, surveillance audits, threat analysis, card counting, game protection techniques, players' club theft and fraud, surveillance standard operating procedures, nightclub and bar security, as well as surveillance training.

Complete with a glossary of gaming terms and a resource-rich appendix that includes helpful forms, this book covers everything surveillance and security professionals need to know to avoid high-profile incidents, costly compliance violations and damage to property and revenue.
Tip of the Month

Identify and Assess Your Threats

Take a a lesson from standard security practices: Take the time regularly (annually and anytime a significant change is made to your threat profile) to identify your threats and risks.. Successful surveillance directors, managers and supervisors, as well as agents, know where they are vulnerable and where they will be attacked, and plan accordingly. Most of the threats that occur on a gaming property are known and should be prepared for. A Surveillance Department that has countermeasures in place to detect and defeat those attacks protects their property to the utmost of their capability.

IACSP's course on Proactive Surveillance provides further information on this key practice.

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As you know, surveillance departments are continuously being challenged to protect our properties more effectively. The need for highly trained personnel has never been greater.  The IACSP addressed this issue through training; a certification program developed by surveillance directors.
Members receive training and attend seminars, programs and on-line training at no additional charge. There is a small fee for the certification exam.
All dues received are used for training. Instructors and board members a
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