IAGB is all geared up celebrate India's 75th Independence Day - The INDIA DAY 2021 Live in front of the audience. We welcome you all to come to Boston Hatch Shell on August 15th, 2021. The event will begin at 3:00 PM and we have a great line up programs. The cultural programs will be followed by an electrifying music concert by the famed Indian Ensemble from Berklee School of Music. While the event day (08/15) is the big gala day - the celebrations start much earlier. Starting on August 1st IAGB Directors and community members will be joining town officials of more than 40 separate towns in hoisting Indian and the American Flags. Further the City Hall Plaza will be lit in India's Tri- Colors on India's Independence Day.
Now let me ask you all a question - Are you all enjoying you Summer? But wait, is this Summer??? We New Englanders wait all year for summer just so that we can jump into swimming pools, or the many spring lakes or of course the beach!!! But this year we have had rain on a record number of days. The National Weather Service announced Sunday (7/25) that the city is experiencing the second-wettest July on record, with 9.54 inches of rain so far, handily surpassing the 1938 total of 9.46 inches. A typical July rainfall in Boston is just 3.27 inches. According to meteorologists, the heat dome formed over the west coast is a big reason for this excessive rainfall on the east coast. But we are not uniquely affected by these drastic changes in the weather pattern. Similar extreme events are happening across many parts of the globe. This month China and Europe saw some devastating floods which not only caused a lot of damage to property but cost human lives too. Unfortunately, the warnings have been loud about the negative effects of global warming for quite some time. The challenge for this generation is that are we willing to pay the cost mostly in terms of behavioral changes but also to our pockets. We owe it to future generations to keep our home (the planet earth) safe and habitable no matter what the cost.

Some July Facts:
  • July was named after Roman General Julius Caesar, his birth month. The month was previously called Quintilis (Latin for fifth) as it was the fifth month of the 10-month-long ancient Roman calendar.
  • The Anglo-Saxons had multiple names for the month of July, including Maed-monath and Hey-monath. Respectively, these translated into “the flowering of meadows” and “hay month.”.
  •  July 2nd is World UFO Day, while July 3rd is Stay out of the Sun Day, July 4th is Independence Day, July 6th National Fried Chicken Day, July 29th is International Tiger Day.
  • July is National Watermelon Month, National Hot Dog Month, and National Ice Cream Month.
  • The birthstone of July is the ruby, considered by many to be the king of gems.
  • July has two birth flowers – the water lily and the larkspur. The water lily is a symbol of a pure heart, while the larkspur (especially its white form) represents the lightness of the heart.

In this issue, you will find:
  • Director's Corner - "We Bounce Back!" by Lata Rao
  • Bharat Ek Khoj - "Amritsar: The Mystical Land of Sikhs, Seekh and Shish Kebabs" by Pallavi Gupta
  • IAGB SPOTLIGHT - Dr. Seshi Sompuram, President, Shishu Bharati Schools by Sanjay Kudrimoti
  • Guest article - "Help Cancer Patients" by Shazain Khan
  • Your articles - Seeking guest articles for IAGB's India Day Magazine
  • IAGB Youth Corner
  • Note from IAGB Youth Editor Aarushi Pant
  • IAGB Youth of the month - Aryan Nijwahan
  • IAGB Youth Opportunities and Raising awareness
  • IAGB Upcoming Events
  • IAGB Recent community Events
  • Our Sponsors
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OLYMPICS 2020!!!
Olympics 2020 is in full swing. It was disappointing to see some major upsets like the opening game of US Women's soccer, US Men's Basketball team losing to France, Novak Djokovic missing his chance at Golden Slam, Naomi Osaka not reaching the medal stage and Simone Biles dropping out of most of her events. But every disappointment will give an opportunity for the next rising star like Suni Lee. India too is hopeful and as of this print, all eyes are on P.V. Sindhu. Good Luck to all the competitors and let the Olympic spirit win!!!

IAGB India Day Festival 2021

Cultural Programs
Berklee Indian Ensemble Live Concert

Hatch Memorial Shell, Boston
Sunday, August 15th, Sunday from 3 pm to 7 pm
IAGB is very excited to announce that the Berklee Indian Ensemble from Berklee College of Music will stage a live concert, in addition to dazzling cultural performances, on August 15th at the Hatch Memorial Shell to commemorate India's 75th Independence Day.

The Berklee Indian Ensemble is one of the hippest performance acts to emerge from Boston. A global viral sensation with over 230 million views, the Ensemble melds classical, folk, Sufi, and contemporary Indian music, with influences ranging from hip-hop and jazz to Middle Eastern and African flavors.

Founded in 2011 by Indian Berklee alumna and faculty member Annette Philip, the Ensemble provides an open and inclusive creative space for musicians from all over the world to explore, study, interpret, and create music influenced by the rich and varied mosaic that is Indian music today. The Berklee Indian Ensemble has risen to prominence as one of the most storied musical collectives in the country with their unmistakable signature sound, and legendary collaborations with A.R. Rahman, Ustad Zakir Hussain, Shreya Ghoshal, Shankar Mahadevan, Vijay Prakash, Indian Ocean, and Clinton Cerejo, to name a few.

After a year and a half in a pandemic that has affected lives in every corner of the globe this event, featuring the Berklee Indian Ensemble live in concert at the iconic Boston landmark, unites and enriches the Boston community is special in many ways. In addition to the celebration of India’s 75th Independence Day, it is also the 10th Anniversary of the Berklee Indian Ensemble and their first collaboration with IAGB. A clip of one of their performance can be viewed here:

Flag Raising of US and India at 40+ towns across New England, Honoring India's 75th Independence
As a lead-up to India Day, IAGB will be hoisting flag-raising events in over 40 towns across New England, to raise the US and Indian flags to commemorate momentous India’s 75th Independence Day celebration. IAGB has worked very closely with the town/city administrations to bring these events to respective City/Town Hall and town commons and celebrate amongst the communities.

These events starting August 1st through the 15th will culminate into the grand finale at the Hatch Memorial Shell on August 15th.
Please visit the website for more details and the event schedule:

Tri-Color Lighting on City Hall Plaza
Tri-color lighting on the City Hall Plaza building in Boston is scheduled for August 15th at dusk. Enjoy this beautiful scene and India's pride right in the heart of Boston.

A limited number of booths at the India Day event (Hatch Shell) are still available. Do no miss the opportunity to advertise in our India Day Magazine that reaches thousands of IAGB community and via our social media platforms. For all the advertisement and sponsorship details please visit:

Amritsar: The Mystical Land of Sikhs, Seekh and Shish Kebabs    
  --Pallavi Gupta
Today we will take a journey, not only to a place but in time. I fondly remember my time growing up in Amritsar.
Amritsar is in the heart of Punjab, the second largest city in Punjab. Amritsar is about 15 miles east of the border with Pakistan and approx. 267 miles from New Delhi. There are various transportation modes to get to Amritsar. The most famous and common is Raja Sansi ...


Dr. Sompuram: Perceive, Preserve and Promote
--Sanjay Kudrimoti
In this month’s issue, IAGB is proud to introduce the 5th term President of Sishu Bharati Schools – Dr. Seshi Sompuram. Dr. Sompuram is a scientist and faculty at BU Medical school and has devoted a large part of his life volunteering for Sishu Bharati in a leadership role. IAGB Director Sanjay Kudrimoti met with Dr. Sompuram over the Zoom to discuss his scientific work, his volunteering experiences, his family and his hobbies and other interests. 

IAGB: Hello Dr. Seshi Sompuram. We welcome you to the IAGB SPOTLIGHT. To start, we would like to know your Life Journey to date.

Seshi Sompuram: I come from a very small village – Sompuram at the edge of Telangana bordering Karnataka. I started my schooling in my village and then for education I moved around – elementary school in the rural side then to Gadwal for my high school and Junior College. I did undergrad in Hyderabad (Osmania University) and finally moved to the US to do my Masters at Boston College and Ph.D. and Post Doc at Boston University Med School. I did my Ph.D. and Post Doc in Molecular Biology and Immunology. My Ph.D. thesis was on Creating Antibodies for Therapy. Immediately after my Post Doc year, I started working as a faculty member at the BU Medical school. I also worked at a startup company CytolLogix, which was soon acquired by DAKO/Agilent Technology. ­­Dr. Bogen and I, along with Vani Kodela, started...


Help Cancer Patients
--Shazain Khan
This month features Shazain Khan, student and Executive Board member of the Umeed Club at Brown University. With Umeed, he raises awareness and funds for cancer patients in developing countries, currently with a focus on India. They also create multimedia that can be used to educate patients and caretakers about symptoms, ...


We Bounce Back!
--Lata Rao
While the rest of the world barring hospitals and health workers nearly came to a standstill due to the pandemic, IAGB had to don a new mantle for conducting all their flagship events on a virtual platform. No sooner did the current IAGB Team get elected in September 2019, it was faced with a new set of challenges, and face them they did, in a very impressive fashion. Hosting the flagship events of celebrating India’s Republic Day and Independence Day on the day of, with superior quality programming of well-known artists from India and local. There were several events leading up to these celebrations such as Flag Hoisting, Learning Series, Antakshari, and several competitions such as art, story-telling, jeopardy, cupcake decorating, essay writing, chess, etc. Throughout the year there were online events such as Yoga, Youth Seminars, College Admission Seminars, Senior Seminars, Visa Camps, Vaccination camps, Pantry food delivery, and fundraising for the pandemic. Every attempt was made to include each demographic of the South Asian subcontinent from youth to Seniors. IAGB youth leaders were also very active during these last two years in putting together age-appropriate seminars. The membership nearly doubled over this period due to the quality of events. The current leadership has taken the vision of IAGB to a whole new level. There is a lot more political engagement both with the local politicians and with the Indian representatives in the US such as the Embassy and the Consulate. IAGB is stepping up to be the unifying voice for all the organizations in the New England Area.

This August 15th IAGB will host its first live event in nearly 2 years and it will be at the Boston Hatch Shell. It will a grand celebration of life with a fabulous variety of food, dance, music and above all, people. We hope to see you all there to enjoy this beautiful, fun-filled evening.

This September will be IAGB election time again. A new Executive Board under the leadership of a new President/Vice President will be elected. IAGB is looking to all of you to come forward and become active members, either by becoming part of the Executive Committee and/or a member. It is extremely important to keep growing and bringing in new ideas from new blood. So do please look out for election details in the upcoming IAGB Newsletter. 

-- Lata Rao
"The India in Me"
July 19, 2021
Many of us may have heard our parents talk about their childhood summer holidays, about the innumerable hours spent outside with friends through many unstructured activities. Yet it can seem inconceivable that we can do something similar what with ongoing structured summer programs, internships, college essays, and homework consuming our time. How can we consistently coordinate times for a group of friends? And for those of us who can’t yet drive, how will we meet? This year, there is the added complication of who is vaccinated and who is comfortable with what. It may seem easier to continue as we have been this past year (with virtual calls) but the difference between in-person meetings and virtual ones is stark; there is a much, much better connection and fluidity of conversation when face-to-face! So maybe it’s one or two friends at a time rather than a whole friend group, but consistent socialization is healthy for us! For rising seniors like me, this summer is a busy one, but it’s the little things in addition to the big goals that will allow us to keep ourselves grounded and succeed in the upcoming year.

~ IAGB Youth Editorial Director, Aarushi Pant

Aryan Nijwahan
July 26, 2021
Massachusetts tennis state champion Aryan Nijhawan has always excelled in the sport of tennis. At the start of high school, Aryan, an incoming Economics and Mathematics Major, and Computer Science Minor at Brandeis University, made the big move to the United States from India where he had been ranked top 3 in the State of Delhi and top 40 in the nation. During his high school career, he played the #1 singles position for all four years, delivering outstanding overall records such as 21-1 in a season. In his sophomore year, he won the Central Mass MIAA Division Championship, and as a senior and a co-captain, he led his team to the State Championship finals for the first time in 4 years. In all of New England, Aryan has ranked top 10 in singles and top 5 in doubles in the under 18 boys category. He has also ranked 240 in the country and was recruited to Brandeis as a student-athlete. With numerous national level tournaments as well as other awards and recognitions under his belt, he says, “tennis is a lot more than a sport to me - it has not only helped me make so many memories and connections, but it has also helped me find a goal and purpose in life.”

IAGB congratulates Aryan Nijhawan on becoming the July 2021 Youth of the Month.

~ IAGB Youth Editorial Director, Aarushi Pant

This is the youth opportunities column! Parents, please do consider highlighting the following opportunities to your children!
IAGB Youth Spotlights:
Who: 25 and under
When: Submissions are due by August 15th.
Inviting nominations for August IAGB Youth Spotlights! Each month, the IAGB youth initiative spotlights talented local youth who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to art, sports, or the community! Nominees must be 25 years of age or younger, and they must have lived in the New England area.

Aptitutor Tutoring:
Who: All students
If you’re looking for free tutoring services or volunteer hours as a tutor, check out Aptitutor!
Aptitutor is a nonprofit free online tutoring service and learning platform, created by two high schoolers. Aptitutor is tailored to connect qualified high school tutors to preK-12 students that are seeking aid with various academic subjects. Additionally, Aptitutor gamifies the experience of learning with a fun badge system that rewards diligent learners. Aptitutor offers Zoom classes as well as one-on-one Zoom tutoring sessions that students can enjoy from the comfort of their home! Aside from tutoring, Aptitutor has accrued funds to distribute various educational grants to students, teachers, and groups in need of financial support for their educational endeavors.
Anyone and everyone is welcome at Aptitutor!
Click here for more information: https://aptitutornonprofit.wixsite.com/aptitutor
Code for Tomorrow:
Who: High Schoolers
Code 4 Tomorrow (C4T) is a student-led organization that aims to provide a bridge that connects students worldwide to their future by linking professionals and executives to mentor students and providing a dynamic, driven team of high school students to teach topics from the humanities to STEM.
C4T is looking for committed high school students who are willing to volunteer their time and effort to make STEM education accessible to all. You do not need to know how to code to contribute!

~ IAGB Youth Editorial Director, Aarushi Pant
IAGB Youth; a platform for Youth of Indian heritage to help them develop leadership skills, the skills they need to identify pressing issues in the communities in the New England area, amid racism, poverty, violence, as well as rapidly changing environment, and tap into their own and their communities’ strengths to create positive change.

Lend our youth voices to shape policies that empower youth to achieve equity, opportunity and enrich ourselves and our community. Understand what it means to be Indian American, and stay connected to our rich heritage.

lAGB Raising of US and India, Honoring India's 75th Independence
IAGB will be hoisting flag-raising events in over 40 towns across New England, to raise the US and Indian flags to commemorate momentous India’s 75th Independence Day celebration. We worked very closely with the town/city administrations to bring these events to respective City/Town Hall and town commons and celebrate amongst the communities.
We will have these events starting August 1st through the 15th, culminating in the grand finale cultural event, “India Day Festival” on August 15th at the Hatch Memorial Shell alongside Charles River.

Please visit the website for more details and the event schedule:

IAGB India Day Festival 2021
Swatantrata Ka Junoon
India's 75th Independence Day Celebration
IAGB has brought to you many quality online programs over the last 2 years during these tough times. We brought you Vijay Prakash, Anuradha Palakurthi, Sudhesh Bhonsale, Vaishali Made, and many more. We brought you an extended Yoga Program in association with NIMHANS. And many educational and recreational activities like Bhaag IAGB Bhaag and Chale Chalo IAGB. This year's Independence Day on August 15th we bring you a colorful program with many local performances and the Grand Finale, a concert by the Berklee Indian Ensemble, at the Hatch Shell in Boston. This will be the first large-scale face-to-face event of its kind, for the Indian community, after lifting the lockdown restrictions. We invite you with friends and family to enjoy the event, the Indian Food Mela and Bazaar at this picturesque and historic location in Boston.
IAGB Executive Committee 2021-2023:
Call for Nominations

Dear IAGB Member and Supporter,
This is a reminder that the current term of the IAGB Executive Committee (EC) will end in September 2021 and elections will be held to elect an EC for 2021-2023. The election will comprise four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and up to eleven (11) directors and will be held in September 2021.

IAGB members and supporters may nominate individuals to serve in various positions on the EC 2021-2023. An Election Committee, comprising of senior IAGB members and ex-Presidents has been established to oversee the election process.

IAGB Election Committee:
Mr. Ram Satyaprasad - run4am@comcast.net
Mr. Amrit Soni - Amrit.soni@gmail.com
Ms. Aditi Taylor - Adititaylor@gmail.com
According to the current by-laws, the following is the eligibility criteria to be considered for candidates to the EC:
  • Candidates must be current, valid members of IAGB;
  • Candidates for President and Vice President shall have served on the Executive Committee of the Association for at least one full term prior to being elected. Candidates shall have been Voting Members of the Association for at least two contiguous years as of the 15th of January of the year of the election.
  • Candidates for Secretary, Treasurer, and Director shall have been Voting Members of the Association for at least one year as of 15th of January of the year of election.

The nomination submission should include the following:
  • A brief statement by the nominee candidate accepting the nomination and pledging to abide by the Bylaws of the Association
  • Brief bio of the candidate, with particular emphasis on his/her contributions to IAGB in the past, his/her vision for IAGB, and how the candidate expects to realize that vision;
  • Details of his/her membership (Life/Annual, primary member name, date)
  • Package of SEVEN completed nomination forms (email nomination is acceptable also) from IAGB members nominating the individual for the selected position (Officer/Director)

Nominations' submission must be submitted no later than midnight of August 16, 2021, per the details provided below.

Nominations should be sent to:
Aditi Taylor- adititaylor@gmail.com
Sanjay Gowda(IAGB President 2019-2021) - sanjay.gowda@iagb.org
IAGB Election Committee

We are pleased to announce that Cuemath has partnered with us and is willing to work closely with our community members. We as a community are delighted to bring them on board and look to an exciting venture with them. 

Cuemath will be providing a free class, quizzes, activities with so much more exclusive and exciting prizes. They are also going to be providing a 15% Discount on their courses and to know more you can click here:  https://bit.ly/3u3FmSk

About Cuemath:
CueMath is an Ed-tech company focused on making math learning interesting by using a unique teaching method designed around reasoning and visualization.

Cuemath is supported by two of the world's top venture capital firms - Sequoia & Google Capital. Their curriculum has been designed by experts from the IIT and Cambridge University keeping students’ learning psychology in mind.
IAGB Upcoming Events

Stay informed of all future events at:

If you want to become a sponsor, sign up at https://iagb.org/sponsorship
Editors: Yogita Miharia & Sanjay Kudrimoti

IAGB Communications