From as long as I can remember I have been drawn to the arts whether it’s theater/acting, dancing, or painting. However, just like most Indian children back then, I was told I should focus on my education and not distract myself with the arts. As a result, I never received any formal training in dancing or singing growing up. My artistic soul remained unsatisfied, but I continued to work towards becoming a good student. Then in high school I was able to pick up commercial arts as an extracurricular activity. Fortunately, I had a very nice teacher—she thought I was good in painting and encouraged me to continue my passion. However, yet again, when the time came to choose my college, I was sent to an engineering school although in my heart I wished to pursue fine arts and become a painter like MF Hussain. Oh well! I finished my computer science degree, got married, did my Masters, started working, had children, and never looked back on the arts.  
But as fate would have it, when my kids were young, I had to take some time off from work and started teaching Bollywood dance to children in the neighborhood. Even though that stopped after I went back to work, the bug for the arts had bitten me once again. I started performing myself and was exposed to the world of theater. I didn’t know there was an actor hidden inside me, and I was fortunate to get some good roles. I was enjoying myself on the stage—finally my artistic soul was delighted and gratified.
Though there was one another side I had still not gotten back to: sketching and painting. In the year 2020, COVID struck us and our lives were brought to a screeching halt. Nothing was normal—we were constantly working from home, there were no performances, and no socializing, but it also gave me a much-needed break from my very busy life. And voila! I got back into painting through some online classes! I even created a Facebook page to showcase all of my artistic passions. Creating Mo’sART, my personal virtual art gallery, was a dream of mine, something I had been wanting to do but never got a chance to bring to fruition until now.