Hello Alumni,

I hope this finds you all well and healthy.  I have compiled a list of different resources that have information about emergency funds for individual art ists and small business es . This is a working list and will soon be posted on our website. In these links you will find a plethora of other resources. If you know of other resources please feel free to send those to me to get the word out to other artists. Th ese are crazy times, I hope you all are safe and healthy. Please continue to practice social distancing, washing your hands, and getting plenty of Vitamin C. If you are an Essential Worker , thank you for working the  front lines for all of us. I hope you , too , are safe.   As we continue to navigate through all of this , we will do our best to provide with you with more information about resources for our Alumni.

Roanna Shebala - Diné, Zuni
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