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Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA)  
Holding Virtual Scholarship Event

Scholarships Shape Futures
Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 5:00 pm (MDT)
SANTA FE, N.M. - July 27, 2020. 

IAIA will hold its annual Scholarship Event VIRTUALLY this year. 

Scholarships Shape Futures  Event will be LIVE streaming from the IAIA campus, on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 at 5:00 pm (MDT).

The virtual event will feature live auction of exquisite donated art from several well-known and award-winning IAIA alumni artists. They are:  Tony Abeyta  (Navajo) '86,   George Rivera  (Pojoaque Pueblo) '84, David Bradley (Chippewa) '79, Jody Naranjo (Santa Clara Pueblo) '90, the  Gaussoin Family - Connie Tsosie-Gaussoin (Professor at IAIA) , David Gaussoin '95, Jerry Gaussoin Jr., Wayne Gaussoin '09 , Tazbah Gaussoin '15   (Picuris Pueblo/Navajo) ,  Cliff Fragua (Jemez) '75,  Shonto Begay  (DinĂ©) '76, Marcus Amerman (Choctaw) '84,  Shane Hendren (Choctaw/DinĂ©) '91, Caroline Lucero-Carpio (Isleta Pueblo) '80, Doug Coffin (Potowatomi/Creek)  IAIA Professor, and Robert Tenorio (Santo Domingo Pueblo) '72.  

There will also be videos from our students, celebrity cameos, as well as a LIVE paddle call!

The annual scholarship dinner and auction is one of the school's largest sources of individual donations, and those funds are used exclusively for scholarships. This year's virtual event is no exception. 
In fact, student financial need will increase because of impact the COVID-19 pandemic on Native communities around the country. Our students have borne the brunt of the economic impacts our country continues to face. Poor or extremely limited connectivity to the internet, food and housing insecurities, as well as multi-generational households make staying in college exceptionally difficult. We know that scholarships help lessen those burdens and allow our students to focus on shaping their futures through education.

Because this year's event is virtual, we also hope to increase awareness about the Institute of American Indian Arts, our mission, our students, and our award-winning alumni.

All proceeds from the event go to IAIA student scholarships. Annually we raise about $300,000; this year's goal is no different.  To sponsor, donate, register to bid, see the hand-made donated art, and receive updates about the live event go to: .

Over 80% of IAIA students need financial aid All proceeds from donations, winning bids, and paddle call pledges will help to keep our students focused on their futures!

Studies show that only 14% of Native Americans have a college degree In fiscal year 2019-20, $2,339,834 in scholarships and student financial aid was awarded by IAIA.  Most of the student financial aid is funded by gifts from individuals, grants from foundations, and tribal support for tribal members.


Additionally, IAIA students who receive scholarships stay in school at twice the rate as students who do not.  91% of students earning a degree had scholarship support in their final year.

The Co-Chairs for the event are IAIA Foundation Board Chairman Stockton Colt and Foundation Board member Andrea Slade. Stock had this to say, "Now is the time to support IAIA. As you look to make charitable donations, remember that the dollars you give to the IAIA 2020 virtual scholarship event will help Shape the Futures of IAIA students."

IAIA President Dr. Robert Martin  (Cherokee) observed, "IAIA's Scholarship Event has always been one of the premier charitable events in Santa Fe and is customarily the unofficial kickoff of the biggest week for Native American arts in the world -- and this virtual event will continue that tradition. Through the generosity of our patrons and contributing artists we are able to fund scholarships that are so essential to our students in their life-changing pursuit of a college education - perhaps the greatest gift of a lifetime."

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