Volume 02| January 2019
IANA Monthly Newsletter
Iqra Education Center Class of 2019
On January 12th 2019, About 28 students have graduated from Iqra education center in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

These graduates, boys and girls, have been studying the Islamic sciences, the Arabic language and other fields.

Minnesota's Islamic university recognizes Iqra education centers students and merits it as a two years associate degree.This graduation ceremony which was highly organized was attended by some of the top scholars in North America, including IANA Board chair Sh. Mohamed Mursal.

 Iqra education center is one of the leading educational centers in Minnesota state, more than 500 students attend and learn from the center ranging from writing the Arabic letters to Quran and all the way to Islamic science.
Dar-us-Salam Cultural Center Moves into New Permanent Building
For ten years the Dar-us-Salam Cultural Center has rented out various buildings, but this January they finally secured their permanent space. Dar-us-Salam is an Islamic center that services the southern metro area and is located in Burnsville, MN. The building they bought is the North Burnsville Building, they received the permit to operate as a religious facility last May. They Schedule to move in some time in March 2019!

On January 22nd, Dar-us-Salam leaders and members met with Burnsville City Council to discuss the conditions of their parking situation. In the end the City decided to unanimously approve the people parking on the property.
The council members were moved by the community's dedication to one another, the center's youth attended the hearing and they told the council how much Dar-Us-Salam means to them. Sheikh Hassan Jama IANA Executive Director also testified to the hard work Daral Salam does for their community, as well as Minnesota as a whole.|

The center offers weekend Dugsi for students, with eight part-time teachers, administrators and one full-time teacher. The new building will include classrooms, a library and reading area, a lounge and a lunchroom.
We are happy for our brothers and sisters at Dar-us-Salam on their win and hope to see all the good they will do for the community.
Claiming Our Voices 2019
The ISIAIH/ Muslim Coalition of ISIAIH organized a big day at the convention center on Saturday Jan .19th to bring their agendas to the table. All the things they want to be dealt with this upcoming budget season. The gathering was with government workers, faith organization leaders & overall community members. There were 1500 faith leaders, all ready to claim their voices! The training session was for everyone to become well versed in the legislative agendas we want to be put up. Sheikh Mohamed Mursal Chairman of IANA and Imam at Al- Ihsan Islamic Center spoke at this gathering. He said, "We are here today to witness a historical moment in our lives, to claim our voices. In a time of much idiocy coming from Washington and some of our elected officials. So we must claim our voices!" ISAIAH is a faith-based, nonpartisan coalition of clergy, congregations and people of faith acting collectively and powerfully for racial and economic justice in the state of Minnesota.
T he Muslim Coalition of ISAIAH wants to create a strong leadership that will work to a caring economy and a democracy that works diligently to honor everyone. The event began with a reflection on the work they've done through 2018, talk about how we can prepare ourselves to lead on our Faith Agenda through 2019, and engage our legislative officials on leading together to make our agenda a reality. They tackled issues such as islamaphobia, immigration and radical civic inclusion by getting driver’s licenses for all and restoring the vote to our disenfranchised residents. Working to create a caring economy with quality education, affordable childcare and eldercare, and paid family leave and sick time. Climate justice and right stewardship of the planet we’ve been entrusted with, and finally quality, affordable and accessible Healthcare for all.

Swearing Ceremony

The people's celebration, hosted by IANA and MAS-MN for representatives Hodan Hassan and Mohamud Noor on January 9th 2019 was a success! The swearing in ceremony was held in the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda, it was a full house, many people came in support of our elected officials. The Rotunda filled up with all kinds of people here in anticipation of the swearing ceremony.

Both Hassan and Noor have expressed their gratitude to the community for aiding them and supporting them. We are looking forward to all that they will do for our community in the future.

Hate Crime in Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center
In 2017, there was a bombing that occurred at the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. According to the Star Tribune, Minnesota’s largest newspaper, “Michael McWhorter, 29; Joe Morris, 22 and Michael Hari, 47, are charged with “using an explosive device to maliciously damage and destroy” the center in the predawn hours of Aug. 5, using a PVC pipe bomb allegedly fashioned by Hari.” The two were well equipped in weaponizing and creating harmful devices. They wanted to bring about fear in the hearts of the muslims living in the United States and rush them out. They are from Illinois and said they have chosen this location in Bloomington, Minnesota because it was far enough away from Central Illinois and not get caught. They have been involved in countless hate crimes in both Illinois and Minnesota, they’re found guilty and charged with federal hate crime in both states. We are appreciative that our country’s justice system brought these men to justice and grateful that Sh. Waleed was not in his office when this heinous act of terror occurred.
IANA invites you all to MAS-MN's Muslim Day at the capitol on February 26th! Register Here!
Allah says:
واعتصموا بحبل الله جميعا ولا تفرقوا
"And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves..." [3:103] 
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