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Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.


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Dear Joe, 


What is your recommendation on sending notification letters?  Do you recommend sending all notification letters to owners to claim property certified return receipt?  


Thank you.




Dear Brenda,


From discussions in class, most departments send post cards or first class letters. When there is an item of high monetary value, money,guns heirlooms, etc maybe a Certified Letter is in order. Sending a $5 letter for a set of car keys to me is not a prudent use of tax dollars. Historically, law enforcement send certified letters because there is a fear that the department is going to get sued/or a claim filed against the department. Fact: over the years we asked the question in class, how many of your departments have been sued or a claim filed for a property handling issue. If we get one hand in a class that would be the norm and generally it's for clothing, shoes, backpack, etc. 


Occasionally it's for a firearm! If it were my choice, I would send postcard/letter that would include a description of the items and a Drop Dead Date where the owner has to respond by a specific date to claim their property. Items of significant value, firearms important documents such as a passport, I may send a certified letter. 






Joe Latta

Executive Director 


Headline Of The Month


Lakeville, Minn. Man Arrested 

in 30-year-old Texas Murder


 By Scott Wasserman


LAKEVILLE, Minn. (KMSP) - On Monday, a man was living with his wife and children in the community of Lakeville, Minn. -- where he's been there since the 1990s. On Tuesday, he was arrested for a murder that happened three decades ago in Denton, Texas.

The Lakeville Police Department, Minnesota BCA, Denton police and the Texas Rangers all converged on the home to arrest 53-year-old Robert Otteson in connection  with the Sept. 30, 1983 murder of Francisco Narvaez.


A hotel room stabbing

Investigators told Fox 9 News that Narvaez, a 42-year-old San Antonio businessman, was killed in a hotel room located in the Dallas suburb of Denton. Narvaez was stabbed to death, and his car was later found northeast of Oklahoma City. Otteson would have been 23 at the time.


A shirt in the garbage

Until now, only a sketch existed of a potential suspect. A source told Fox 9 that Otteson's home was searched this past winter and a shirt was found in the garbage. DNA on the shirt connected Otteson to the murder.

"We'll be praying that what they have is not true for the family," a neighbor said. "It's a good family and we wish them the best and hope what they have is not true, and it all turns out well for them. 


Questions unanswered

There are a lot of unanswered questions in the case -- including what lead Texas police to Minnesota in the first place and what was Otteson's connection to the victim may have been. Otteson will make his initial court appearance at 12 p.m. Thursday in Dakota County. 


"We would like to thank the Denton, Texas Police Department and the Texas Rangers for their tireless effort to help bring some measure of closure for our family," the Narvaez family said in a statement issued by Denton police.





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On a recent visit to a department somewhere in the US (won't ID), I found one of the most interesting methods of storing beer in the property room. A juvenile culprit was stopped walking down street very much intoxicated. Further investigation revealed he thought he could fool the world by pouring his beer into a Mc Donald's drink container.

To ensure that he complied with department policy of booking all alcohol into the the property room the officer needed to ensure that the contents didn't spill. How thoughtful! Yes, he did secure it with his PPE glove and submitted into the locker as illustrated below. As I said,
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