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Dear Joe,
I had a question regarding marijuana since it has become legal here in California. If you have a prisoner arrested with a legal amount of marijuana, how do you handle it? 

Mary Jane Greenlee


Dear Mary Jane,

Since the legalization is new here in California, I sent several inquiries to friends in Washington, Oregon and Colorado who have been dealing with this for several years.  It appears that most departments are trying to leave any marijuana at the scene or traffic stop including locking in the trunk.  Some departments attempt to have the owner to it give to a friend or relative when possible, as long as they are old enough to posses in that state.
In those departments that the marijuana is found during a booking search, the agencies are generally booking into the evidence room as safekeeping.  One department advises the owner that they have 10 days to claim or it would be destroyed in accordance to the department's policy.


The class has been developed for anyone that is assuming the responsibility for the over site of the property and evidence unit. 


Below is a listing of the modules that will be covered during the live one day class.

Procedure Manual Development
L earning how to create a procedures manual for your Property and Evidence Room

* Crisis Management:
This module will focus on how to handle a crisis that may occur in a supervisor's property operation
* Organizing your Property Room:
Hands on experience with individuals and groups to reorganize their property/evidence operation

* Leadership:
In this module we will discover the leadership characteristics of each supervisor.  The instructor will then go over the personality types and discuss how knowing your personality type can help make you a better supervisor

* Investigative Process:
Property investigative processes when dealing with missing guns, drugs and money (criminal? vs administrative clearing of UTL)

Headline of the Month
November 17, 2016

A former North Slope Borough Police Department evidence custodian has been sentenced to eight months in prison for stealing more than $100,000 from her employer, but prosecutors say an internal audit could not pin down the total amount of stolen money.

U.S. District Judge Ralph Beistline handed down the punishment against 48-year-old Margaret Ann Solomon on Friday in federal court in Fairbanks.

The judge also ordered the Fairbanks woman to pay $109,623 in restitution to the NSB police department, an amount investigators were able to attribute to thefts she made from the evidence room.
Solomon worked for the department - headquartered in Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow - from November 2006 until July 2012, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Andrea Hattan.

Between January 2011 and June 2012, Solomon was one of three evidence custodians assigned to work in the evidence room in Utqiaġvik. She was responsible for its contents about every three weeks, prosecutors said.

"Solomon knew which evidence items contained cash and, during the weeks that she was assigned to work in the evidence room, she stole cash from evidence items. Solomon did so by retrieving envelopes when she was by herself in the evidence room and removing money from them," prosecutors said.

In an effort to hide the thefts, she sometimes destroyed envelopes and files, prosecutors said.

News Commentary
During 2016, there have been a number of news stories where each investigation revealed 100,000's missing from property rooms across the country. These appear to be some of the largest money thefts we have ever seen during our existence.  There is only one question. Why? Why are police departments still retaining all of this money in property rooms since cash rarely goes to court as an exhibit.  
There was over one millions dollars stolen in 4 department in 2016. Why?

September 2016

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