DECEMBER 2019 - IAPE Monthly Newsletter
Ask Joe...
Each month, IAPE's primary instructor and Executive Director, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.  
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Dear Joe,

We are getting a new Chief who is starting the first of the year.  and my Captain just advised me he wants me to do an inventory of my 25,000 items before he gets here next month. Additionally, my entire system is not computerized, all paper records.  After some negotiations, the Captain understood that doing a complete inventory of this many items in less than a month would be impossible. I was then asked if there was anything that might be available to would allow a sampling of the inventory to facilitate the process.

Thank you,
I. Tory
Dear I. Tory,

As a new Chief, our standards would always recommend a full, 100% inventory (IAPE Standards 15.1 Inventory), which is the best practice.  For your immediate need, please take a look at an exhibit that is a part of the CALEA Standards. The following info may be of assistance. 

Sample Size Table

The table has been developed as a tool for use by agencies when determining the appropriate  poll size for conducting audits of high-risk property as required by Standard 84.1.6 (b) - Evidence Audits.  This table only applies to high-risk property and only for those circumstances when there is a change in evidence custodian the sample sizes in this table  have been calculated based upon a 95% confidence level and a confidence interval of +/-3 percent.

 When using this table, the agency should determine the total amount of high risk property they currently possess and find the number under "Pieces of High Risk Evidence/Property".  The corresponding "Required Sample Size" should be applied when conducting the respective audit. If the exact number for "Pieces of High Risk Evidence/Property" is not listed, the next higher number should be used.

If an error rate of more than 4% is discovered when conducting the audit, a complete inventory of high risk property must be performed. However, the agency should consider a complete inventory when other factor suggested as necessary.



Last month the following news story hit Southern California and within days had gone viral in the law enforcement community. If you were a defense attorney reading the story, you have a brand new avenue for discovery. During the first week of January, Volume 4 of the Evidence will provide much more insight and share best standards. Since this story was published, another half dozen article have shown in Southern California

4 Orange County deputies fired after audit finds widespread mishandling of evidence 
 November 19, 2019
Four Orange County sheriff's deputies have been fired after an audit found systemic lapses in the handling of evidence.

The audit discovered that nearly one-third of the evidence collected by the Orange County Sheriff's Department from February 2016 to February 2018 was booked beyond the agency's one-day policy , the Orange County Register reported Monday.
Some bookings were tardy by more than a month, creating questions about chain of custody.

Fifteen deputies were criminally investigated in connection with the probe, but the district attorney's office declined to file charges. Besides the four terminations, seven deputies were disciplined, and four cases are pending.
The audit showed a lack of consistent and accurate entries and no system of accountability.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Braun said the department had since improved the booking of evidence.

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