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Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.
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Dear Joe,
Last year we conducted a search warrant with numerous arrests in a nearby community and seized hundreds if not thousands of stolen items. Once the case was concluded we obtained approval from the prosecutor to purge the remaining evidence.  Inside of one of the suitcases were 100's of Gift Cards from every business you can imagine. With the assistance of another neighboring department, who had ERAD Prepaid Card Reader that provided us the ability to validate the value of each card. Much to our surprise it was thousands of dollars in value. Now... My question: what are other departments doing with these cards after the case is adjudicated?

Mike Gotacard

Dear Mike,

Great question. I sent the questions to 4 relative large departments from coast to coast. As usual, I found out that NO ONE is doing it the same way.  
  • One department decided it was not worth spending the time checking each card, so they are cut them up and destroyed.
  • The 2nd department, turned them over to the financial unit and let them take card
  • The 3rd department send them to auction. I made a further inquiry and found that PropertyRoom.com will handle
  • The 4th department gives them to local charities
For additional information I have included the following information from the Department of Homeland Security:


Events and Trends

If you have ever attended any of our training classes, we always discuss Events and Trends that have some affect on the handling and storage of evidence. During the last 12 months, the headlines surrounding Fentanyl overdose have exploded. On June 12th, on my daily review of news stories (www.googlenews.com), I captured over 12 newspaper articles involving   overdose stories and deaths, on Thursday alone, all of which has a bearing on the collection and storage of this drug.

At the same time, I ran across a very informative YouTube presentation put together for the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), who, historically, have been extremely cognizant of employee safety issues. When the RCMP disseminates information, they are reaching their nearly 30,000 member immediately. The included production provides an outstanding training video for the handling and packaging of Fentanyl. 

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