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Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.
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Dear Joe,
was recently assigned to the Property Room after being with the department for over 15 years and had no clue what happens behind closed doors.  I should note the previous property officer was in property for over 20 years and had moved out of state. My dilemma is all of the institutional knowledge is gone. There is no one in the department that can give me any help.

As I was evaluating the overall inventory, a found about 600 packages of counterfeit money dating back to 2000. I ask around the department if there is a reason for retaining 20 year old counterfeit money. As I expected, the answer was "cause we always have".  So my question "what do departments do with Counterfeit Money?


Dear Bob,

It has been my experience at our classes Counterfeit Money question arises with one simple question.  "When is the last time, we as a police department of sheriffs department prosecuted anyone for counterfeiting.  Generally counterfeiting is a federal crime and handled through the United States Secret Service then prosecuted by the United States Attorney General's Office.

When you receive any counterfeit money, consider  contacting a local 

Regardless, contact them by phone or mail, make sure you make the U.S. Secret Service a copy of your report that outlines the circumstance of the seizure of the money. Remember, the U.S Secret Service  needs the bills so that they can enter into their database to see if the bills may be related to other cases that could provide investigate leads  in other cases.


Headline of the Month 
We have had several questions related to the overwhelming number of stories that affect or effect the property room. When our staff runs across a headline story and there is a relationship the news and the storage and managing of evidence you have it!. We are continuously looking for Cold Case Homicides, Sexual Assault Kit news, Employees being noticed by their department and lastly those stories that you want to share with your boss on some of the liabilities that were are facing, including thefts, jails and suicides. These stories can be found at on our Facebook page or you can visit the IAPE Website.

This link takes you directly to our library of news stories. Below is a screen capture of the landing page for news stories. Note that you can subscribe with an RSS feed, by going to the state(s) of interest, select and be notified any time news breaks. 

Another choice is to view all stories by the month and year under the Services& News tab.  

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