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Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.
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Dear Joe,
Joe, quick question: If you had to give a percentage, how many agencies have a central repository as their primary method for their officers to submit evidence? This is in comparison to multiple temporary locations where the evidence techs pick the evidence up and bring it back to one location for storage. Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer.
Thank you,

Dear Nicole,

Most  departments, maybe 80% or more, have a central location such as temporary lockers  unless the department has multiple sub stations/ precincts. It's generally much more cost effective to have the civilian technician drive to each sub-station  as opposed for the sworn officers  drop being paid to drive across town. It's all economics! We did an audit for a department of 4,500 officers a few years ago, where the officers had to drive to a central warehouse that was opened 24 hours a day. In some cases, the officer had to drive 90 minutes round trip from the incident to the warehouse to drop the property. We identified one incident during the audit where an officer went into overtime to drive across town to drop off a found bike. The officer ended up being paid over $50 in overtime to drop off a found bike that was worth $10. Let's calculate the number of hours the officers calculate driving across town and are not available for calls for service.  NOT A GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE. 

California ammunition sales surging before new background checks law, dealers say
 June 20, 2019
Bullet sales are surging across California ahead of a new law that will mandate background checks on new ammunition purchases, dealers reported on Thursday. 

Residents will have to show identification and undergo background checks to purchase ammunition in the state starting July 1. Proponents say its a formidable effort to screen out felons and illegal gun owners, but firearm sellers on both ends of the state say customers are confused about how the process might work. 

Norris Sweidan, owner of Warrior One Guns and Ammo in Riverside, said store shelves would normally be fully stocked with ammo around this time of the year, but he's nearly tapped out as the implementation approaches.

Sweidan, and other guns store owners throughout the state, said customers seem to be stocking up because they're unsure of how the law, approved by voters in 2016, might affect them.
"I can tell you right now a lot of my customers are confused," Sweidan told ABC's Los Angeles station KABC on Thursday. "It's going to be a total mess." 
"I don't know how it's going to work. I don't know if you're going to wait one minute or 10 days for your ammo," he added.

Store operators received guidance from state officials earlier this month, detailing the equipment they'll need to comply with the new requirements -- an internet connection, a computer and a magnetic card reader -- but Sweidan said the notice didn't spell out exactly how the new process will work once the system goes live.
Richard Howell, General Manager of Old West Gun & Loan in Redding, said he's also noticed a sudden uptick in ammo sales. 
"Normally, somebody will come in and they're going out for a recreational day of shooting, and so they say they need a couple of boxes of .9 millimeter, a couple of boxes of .45 millimeter. We ring them up and they go out the door," Howell told ABC affiliate KRCR. "But, they don't bring in lists on an eight-and-a-half by eleven sheet of paper full saying, 'I need this filled.'" 
He said the law, which forces gun owners to buy ammo face-to-face from a licensed dealer verses online, could encourage people make ammo purchases out of state to get around any potential hassle and/or fees. 
"If it's big purchases by those individuals, that could affect our business in a sense that they're not buying that ammunition from us," Howell said. "The law, like all firearms laws we have in California, haven't put us out of business yet, and it won't. Will it be a hindrance? Of course. Will people decide to buy ammo elsewhere? Of course they will."
For those of you that have attended any of the IAPE training classes, you know there is always discussion about events and trends that affect law-enforcement and primarily the evidence room. In the last several years,we have watched the events and trends related to the testing of sexual assault kits, prescription pill thefts, legalization of marijuana and a myriad of other topics. As you may recall, from our classes, an event is a one-time occurrence that may have an impact on an issue. Whereas a trend is a series of events that can be forecast into the future.. The headline story maybe an event that could soon become a trend. Hopefully not. What is the impact of mandated background checks for releases of ammo from the property room?  
It  just may be one more task the property officers may be encumbered with. In California the regulations have not yet been defined, but we will be watching. As of July 1 2019 the new law takes effect. Assembly Bill 2213.
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