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Dear Joe:


My boss has given me the approval to make some modification to the way we store firearms and drugs. They are currently mixed with other evidence throughout the warehouse.  Additionally he has  also provided me with funding  to start putting all of our firearms in gun boxes and envelopes to standardize the packaging of guns and drugs. Can you recommend a good layout on how best to store both in the same area. I have an area that's about 200 square feet.

Thank you, 
    A. Idea



Dear, A. Idea    


Approximately seven years ago, I had the opportunity to provide the Elk Grove Police Department, in California, some design assistance as they were moving into another facility. My goal was to provide sufficient, secure space for firearms and drugs for the present and projecting into the future.


This photograph was taken recently showing the amount of space available after seven years.  The room still has an efficient use of space, and items are easy to find as a result of the evidence custodians using good purging protocols!

Facts about the room:

Room is 8'6" x 19', or 160 sq. ft.

Left side of room -    has space for 495 handguns.

In the case of Elk Grove, they used the right side for storage of drug envelopes as seen in the blue bins. The shelves accommodate three blue bins, or drawers, per shelf.

The back wall has sufficient space for 144 long guns. Shelves are all at least 51" deep to accommodate the long gun boxes.

In the case of Elk Grove Police Department, the room was designed for both gun and drugs.  
The present configuration of 14 shelves of drugs with 3 drawers for each shelf, has the capacity to stored about 50 envelopes each for a total of approximately 2,100 envelopes. If the entire room was dedicated to drugs, its capacity would be well over 10,000 packages - in less that 160 square feet. That's efficient!  Our special thanks to Supervisor Kevin Corcoran and Property Technician and Maria Saldana.




Joe Latta

News Story of the Month

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A bizarre mishap in the basement of the Harris County Criminal Justice Center Friday morning yielded a minor injury to a Harris County deputy.

"A deputy was transferring an evidence bag. It dropped. A bullet in the bag exploded. I won't say fired, because it didn't come from a gun. It just exploded. It grazed the deputy," Alan Bernstein, Director of Public Affairs for the Harris County Sheriff's Office, said. The slight ankle wound was treated on the spot.

"It can happen; something like this isn't common, no, but it can happen," Alfredo Perez, a U.S. Deputy Marshal, said.

A very similar incident happened in Sacramento, California, in Aug. 2010. An evidence clerk was slightly injured in similar circumstances.

Bernstein did not believe the exploded round, a piece of evidence, would alter the course of any pending criminal cases.

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