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Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.


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Hi Joe!


I just wanted to throw this out to you and see what the response is. Our department is considering using the "confidential medication containers" and place in the police department lobby. I wanted to find out guidelines anyone may be following for this. Thank you for your response in this matter.


Thank you,



Dear Mark,

There have been lots many problems across the country. numerous, of thefts prescription pills theft because of poor internal controls with programs such as this.


As the evidence custodian, I don't want something in my Property Room that hasn't been documented. Having said that, it's almost impossible to do. The question is, how the Property Officer can protect themselves from an allegation, theft, mishandling, etc.


  • First, make sure the drop box in the lobby is secured with 2 separate locking devices that the Property Officer can't open without a second person. The second person shouldn't have any relationship with the Property Room.
  • Second, the contents are removed from the lobby by the 2 people of which one of the parties is not associated with the property room.
  • Third, the Property Officer and independent party (that has the other key) remove the contents and secure it in a larger bag/box/container as quickly as possible.  
  • Fourth, immediately secure the removed package(s) like any other evidence with names/initials date, time and evidence tape on the bag, box, etc.
  • Fifth, if it's being stored in the Property Room until final destruction, it needs to be stored in a lockable cabinet, box, bin, drawer, room, etc. that has two separate locks that the Property Officer "CAN'T GET INTO", without the second party that doesn't work in the property room. If there is ever an issue the Property Officer has done the best they can to protect themselves from any allegations of mishandling. 



Some departments weight the package which is fine, but if I substitute 5 ounces unknown items with 5 ounces of something else, the weight doesn't do any thing to minimize the risk.


My best recommendation is  not to  start the program without strong internal controls. 

Headline of the Month

Former Prescott Valley Police Officer Sentenced in Drug Case

DATE - April 17, 2015



PRESCOTT - Former Prescott Valley police commander Arthur Askew on Friday, April 17, was sentenced to three years' probation and thousands of dollars in fines after pleading guilty in a drug-theft case.

Askew, a 20-year veteran of the PVPD, resigned January 2, after being told he was being investigated in connection with the drug thefts and placed on administrative leave.

A motion-activated still camera and a hidden video camera in the department's drug vault captured video on December 30 and 31 that showed Askew taking pills and placing them in a blue grocery bag and in his pocket.

The case was investigated by the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office and prosecuted by the Mohave County Attorney's Office.

Askew, 51, was originally charged with two counts of possession or use of a narcotic drug, two counts of possession or use of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of possession or use of a prescription drug.

He accepted a plea deal which reduced those charges to two counts of possession of non-meth drug paraphernalia and one count of possession or use of a prescription drug.





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