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Dear Joe,
I recently received a marketing email from a company that I'm not familiar with and  is offering property and evidence training classes and CERTIFICATION.   The location of the class is quite close to my home. My IAPE certification is expiring in a few months. Does IAPE accept other company's class attendance for the IAPE CERTIFICATION program?

Thank you,
Bob the CPES Certified Evidence Custodian

Dear Bob,

The short answer is no. The IAPE Certification Program only accepts IAPE classes for certification.

IAPE is a non-profit organization whose only product is training property room professionals, not selling software, materials or supplies.

IAPE has trained over 20,000 students from all 50 states, Canada, Netherlands, Dubai, China,  Australia, and Great Britain.

Our instructors have over 200 years of collective experience in teaching property and evidence management  or actually working in the property and evidence function and or crime lab.

The IAPE Certification Property and Evidence has been received by over 2,500 Property and Evidence Professionals.

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Jewelry returned to owner after sitting in Laurens Co evidence room for 25 years

LAURENS Co., - He's been organizing evidence at the Laurens County Sheriff's Office for about 2 years, and the work still isn't over for Sgt. Kimbrell.

"We had stuff here it was just packed up everywhere" he explained, walking through one of the newly organized rooms.

Working 8 to 10 hours a day, Sgt. Kimbrell said Wednesday he's been checking inventory and organizing files ever since SLED agents performed an audit, proving further that the rooms were disorganized and improperly managed.

"I started trying to get rid of items, some of it before and since the 90's," he explained.

Recently, one box caught his eye while he was sifting through old evidence.
"When I got it down I looked inside of it, and there was a lot of jewelry in there."
It wasn't long before the box of jewelry was identified as the property of Janice Banks, a Laurens County resident who had her parents jewelry, among other items, stolen from her house in a robbery in 1994.

Banks told 7-News she had asked the Laurens County Sheriff's office for the items back after the thief was arrested, but was told deputies had lost her jewelry. 

"It was months later I went back and asked them if I could have it and they couldn't find it. And they said we've lost it! And I said what?" she recalled.

Sgt. Kimbrell, after his shift, hand-delivered the sentimental items to Banks and her husband after discovering they were tucked away in the evidence rooms, and while Janice said the items, like her parents pearl necklace and watch, aren't worth much now, you can't put a price on a memory.

"I'm just thrilled to death that they did that and that they took that step forward to straightening stuff out."  

While the Banks were one of the first families to have their belongings returned, the Laurens County Sheriff's Office told 7-News they hope there are more success stories as they continue the cleaning process.

As a custodian of a department's property evidence function, we have an obligation to the community to make every effort to return property in a timely manner. 25 years may not be timely! IAPE Standard 14.1 Disposition ,  states : Law enforcement agencies should have a systematic review process assuring that each item of property and evidence is evaluated for possible purging on an annual basis.

National Institute of Justice Funding Update

New Solicitation: Sexual Assault Forensic Evidence-Inventory, Tracking, and Reporting Program (SAFE-ITR)

NIJ seeks applications from eligible States and units of local government that will inventory, track, and report the status of sexual assault kits (SAKs).  As an integral part of these activities, applicants also are expected to identify and prioritize (for testing) SAKs for which prosecution of  a perpetrator is soon to be barred by the expiration of an applicable statute(s) of limitations

The SAFE-ITR program will help defray costs associated with the following three tasks, defined for purposes of this program as set out immediately below:

Task 1: Inventory 
The term "inventory" refers to a detailed and descriptive list of articles or items (for the purposes of this solicitation, SAKs containing information such as, but not limited to: item identifies, quantity, and location of the item.

Task 2 Tracking
 The term "tracking" refers to the monitoring and accounting of SAKs through the course, or path, of their movement from collection through final disposition.

Task 3: Reporting
The term "reporting" refers to the task of delivering a written report to the appropriate entity within the prescribed time period and with the applicable data provided

All applications are due by 11:59 pm Eastern Time on May 20, 2019
Applicants must  register with  prior to submitting an application.

Become a 
Certified Evidence Specialist

Along with the IAPE's extensive  evidence training courses, the IAPE offers our members the opportunity to become Certified Property and Evidence Specialists. 

Certification is available to our law enforcement agency members as well as our corporate members. The designation of CPES or CCPES indicates that the holder is a professional who has completed requirements in training; has worked in the field for a required period of time; and has demonstrated their knowledge of professional standards through a written test. More than 2,000 IAPE members have achieved the CPES or CCPES designation.

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