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November 2014 - IAPE Monthly Newsletter


 Ask Joe!


Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.


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Dear Joe, 


I recently attended your property and evidence class in Fort Worth, Texas.  At that time I had only been in the property room for several weeks and wasn't really sure of where to get started.  When I was assigned to the property room, the previous property officer had retired and I had no idea what to do or, where to start


After attending your class and listening to the discussion on the importance in conducting inventories, I immediately went back and, with the blessing of my chief, did a 100% inventory in about three weeks.


When I was all done with the inventory, I located about a dozen items on the shelf with no labels, tags, or identifiable features that I could possibly determine what case the property or evidence belonged to. 


I am reaching out to ascertain if you have any recommendations on how I might handle these items that are in my property room with no way to link to a case.




Losta Labels




Dear Losta Labels,

There are several things that you may want to consider.
  • First of all, ensure that each one of the descriptions of the items was run as a search in the property room computer, assuming you have one.  This may be a waste of time, but now you can document that you, in fact, researched every item in the property system.  
  • Does the department have a UTL (unable to locate) file?  There is always the possibility that one of the UTL items may match up with that item on the shelf without a label.
  • Does your records management system have a search capability that may allow you to look for those described items?
  • If you have located a firearm, have you run it in all of the national and state databases?  When it comes to firearms, a great resource for going to find those guns maybe your local Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) representative.


Suppose that you have completed all your research and you are still unable to link any of the items to a case(s) within your department's record system.  My next suggestion would be to write a Found Property or incident report that would outline whatever steps you have taken and then list all of the identified items in the report.  In addition, I would re-tag each item and identify them as Found Property.   After the statutory time for retaining Found Property has elapsed, you may then destroy, divert or auction the item(s) as you would with any other piece of property.


Note: if you don't do this, those items will still be on the shelf the next time you are conducting an inventory.  You may also want to digitally photograph each item for a long-term record and attach to the report.  If someone is looking for a particular piece of evidence five years from now, you can document that the item you disposed of and the photograph may suffice for that particular inquiry.




Joe Latta

Executive Director  



Headline Of The Month


Headlines You Want!  Good Job Memphis  


City finds additional $1.5 million to go towards rape kit testing


November 18, 2014


MEMPHIS, Tenn. - They say throwing money at a problem won't fix it, but in the case of thousands of untested rape kits, it just might.


There were huge developments Tuesday in the city's battle to right decades of wrongs. The city council found more than $1 million to go towards the sexual assault kit backlog. WREG first uncovered that backlog in 2010.


In the course of about 20 seconds, $1.5 million was found by the council and approved to go towards testing rape kits. "I make a motion 

that we use that $1.5 million in net increase from the mixed drink taxes to test rape kits," Councilman Jim Strickland said in the meeting.

Just like that, the funding gap for testing sexual assault kits was cut in half.


"There's a $3.3 million budget gap," Strickland said. "We've just covered almost half of it." The full council will need to approve the move in two weeks. 


The mixed drink tax refers to money the state gets from businesses' for liquor licenses. The state changed how they collect that money, so the city ended up with $1.5 million more than anticipated. "Additional 

money is always welcome," Memphis Police Chief Jim Harvey said after hearing the news.


The police department still needs $1.7 million to test thousands of untested kits. The numbers of kits tested did not change much from last month, but the cash flow did. The city set up a website where people can donate towards testing. It has brought in more than $12,000. "Even a $25 donation goes a  

long way to help us do testing." Harvey said. 

There is also $35 million available for testing across the country through a new program with the Manhattan DA's office. Harvey said MPD will be applying, and he's confident in the progress being made.


"You see what kind of turmoil these victims are going through," he said. "They have gone years without resolution to their case, and this is pushing us into the direction of finding those people who were committing those violent offenses." MPD is also partnering with the FBI, and sent 30 kits to them for testing last week.  


IAPE wants to encourage everyone to make every effort to locate and test as many of your sexual assaults kit as possible. You may have something in your property room that everyone has forgotten that could identify a sexual predator or even a murder suspect.    


Joe Latta Executive Director  


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