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Dear Joe:

We are being inundated with digital media such as, video clips (.mov) from crime scene, interviews with suspects (audio files), crime scene photographs (jpeg), surveillance cameras in our jail and security from our facility security, along with digital booking photo and we are going to be getting BODY CAMS for the officers.

The management of all of this data has become a nightmare as each of the different type of data has its owns storage systems. Are you aware of any department(s) that has any written guidelines (General Orders / Policies) on the storage and maintenance of digital media?  



Mia Memory,




Dear Mia Memory Is Full,


This is truly a new trend that many departments are embracing and are dealing with the same challenges.  As to your specific question about General Orders / Policies, I can't point you to a department that I have personally observed what you are asking about. I forwarded your question to an associate of mine who is much more in tune with digital evidence. It is a new world for IAPE and every department around the world that is receiving and having to store any type of digital evidence.  While researching your question and three other similar ones in September I ran across several reference that may be of use to you . The first is, a white paper entitled DIGITAL EVIDENCE MANAGEMENT. This document was original located at www.fedtechmagazine.com.  

While the other resource was a link to SWGDE - Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence  


I hope the include information will help you develop your policies and procedures.




Joe Latta
News Story of the Month

They Have Something You Don't Want

Suspected burglar busted after leaving stinky DNA evidence behind

Posted: Oct 03, 2013        


A burglar suspect leaves behind some incriminating and.. stinky.. evidence. His feces! Not only is the burglar accused of taking from his unsuspecting victims, but Fox 25's Kisha Henry shows us he left something behind.


Many thieves meticulously make sure they don't leave behind any fingerprints. But, police say, this man not only didn't flush, he also left a used piece of toilet paper with his DNA all over it, lying on the bathroom floor. "Unbelievable.... I just can't believe it!" says Barbara O'Dell, who lives near the victim's home. "Oh my god! That is so disgusting," says Maria Tutor, another neighbor. "I think it's disgusting!" agrees Shequita Law, also a neighbor. She and others who live on SE 47th Place say there have been a few break-ins here before, but nothing like this. "Breaking in is bad enough, but to do that... that's really bad," says O'Dell.


Court documents show on January 23 of last year, Charles Williams broke into the victim's home. Officers say he stole gaming equipment, clothing, and a bb gun totaling more than $1,000. Before he left, he relieved himself in the family's toilet. "In most crime scenes, there are going to be fluids or skin cells. Saliva, blood, any kind of tissue," explains Brandt Cassidy, the director of the laboratory at DNA Solutions in the Metro, which does DNA testing for criminal investigations. Williams did leave behind tissue... toilet tissue, as well as his feces in the toilet. The victim's children found the dirty deed and flushed it before police could arrive, but the toilet paper remained. "The type of analysis that's used today is very, very powerful. The skin cells that would have rubbed off when someone used that toilet paper would be sufficient to identify the person who left the sample there," says Cassidy. "You're shedding skin cells all the time, so you're leaving traces of your DNA everywhere you go. You can take any cell that had been living in that person and isolate DNA from it and develop a unique fingerprint from it that would represent that person," Cassidy explains. He says the testing is very strong. "It's not uncommon to get numbers that are in the quintillion and sextillion, that's with 21 zeros behind it, as the uniqueness of that particular individual."


Court documents show the DNA proved to be a confirmed match to Charles Williams.  "Shame on you! That's disgusting. You deserve to get caught!" says Tutor. Neighbors are grossed out, and they have one piece of advice for the man with the bad bathroom etiquette. "Flush!... That's disgusting. That is just disgusting..." says Law.  


Charles Marqull Williams is in the Oklahoma County Jail tonight with no bond.

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