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October 2014 - IAPE Monthly Newsletter

 Ask Joe!


Each month, IAPE's primary instructor, Joe Latta, answers one of your questions. Consider writing us if you have a question that needs an answer. We would love to hear from you.


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Dear Joe, 


I attended the IAPE Evidence Management class hosted by the Ft. Worth Police Department in April of this year.  Since I was newly transferred to our department's property room, I found the class was most informative and educational.


A Fire Department Inspector recently came through our Property Room to conduct an inspection. Although this inspector was only doing his job, he insisted that our Property Room must abide by the rules like everybody else.

The Inspector insisted that we must be in

Knox Box

complete compliance with fire safety ordinances in our county. Specifically, the Inspector stated that we must place a key to open the fire exit doors of the Property Room inside 911 key boxes (also known as Knox Boxes as shown)located on the outside of the three doors to this facility.  I would like to know the best practice(s) regarding this matter, in the Property Room.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation and attention. 

Key Guy



Dear Key Guy,


In my personal opinion, if the Fire Department has a key, could a defense attorney argue that someone could enter and tamper with evidence in the room without the police department's knowledge?  If the answer is yes, then no potential access should be permitted. 


Furthermore, if evidence was ever found to be missing or had been tampered with, all Fire Department personnel with potential access should be included in the internal investigation.


The police department that I worked for 30 years, each patrol car had a Knox Box Key as you described that allowed access to a key that opened the protected structure.  It was inevitable that keys were lost or they could potentially be copied without permission by a friendly locksmith. 


I do know that the Fire Department could always make forcible entry in the event of a true emergency. Firefighters generally have access to the Jaws of Life, circular saws, pry bars, etc. to gain entry.


In some the cases the topic can become a political issue and become a struggle between two governmental entities. If that's the case, then the discussion needs to be made at a higher lever of the department's management.


Perhaps if the fire official was told their employees could be implicated in a subsequent theft or criminal investigation, the tone of the discussion might change.


If this reasoning does not work, perhaps the law enforcement community needs to seek legislative relief to make the Unit exempt. If none of these work I would encourage the department to install  audible alarms on the evidence room that could act as a deterrent



Joe Latta

Executive Director 


Headline Of The Month

Does your department want headlines like these? 

How Low Can You Go?

The Detroit News

October 10, 2014 


Chief Craig: Suspended Detroit cop had murder victim's watch


Detroit police homicide sergeant has been suspended after department officials found him wearing a murder victim's expensive watch.


Sgt. Alex Vinson was the officer in charge of a case several months ago involving an unknown murder victim who was found wearing an expensive, German-made watch, Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed.


The watch was photographed and put into storage in the Homicide Section's property room. The victim has not been identified, and the homicide case has gone cold.


This week, while Vinson was in Idaho for advanced police training, fellow homicide detectives decided to reopen the case. The detectives wanted to take another look at the watch - but when they removed the victim's belongings from the property room, the watch wasn't the same one that was photographed at the start of the case. Instead, it was a cheaper model, Craig confirmed.


The detectives quickly informed police officials about the discrepancy, Craig said.


"We were made aware of this a few nights ago and immediately initiated an internal investigation," Craig said. "We directed (Vinson) to return home."


Craig added the FBI helped police recover the watch, which Vinson was wearing during the training session. Vinson returned to Michigan Wednesday, and was read his Miranda rights by Internal Affairs officers.

"The case in ongoing, and the sergeant has been suspended while we prepare a warrant for review by prosecutors," Craig said.


Attempts to reach Vinson for comment Thursday were unsuccessful, and a call to his union, the Lieutenants and Sergeants Association, was not returned.


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