Q1 2021
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U.S. EPA Approves IAPMO R&T to Issue WaterSense® Certification for Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Controllers
IAPMO R&T, North America’s premier third-party testing and certification body for plumbing, mechanical and water treatment products, has been transitionally approved and licensed to certify soil moisture-based irrigation controllers (also known as soil moisture sensors or SMSs) to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new final WaterSense® specification.

Soil moisture-based irrigation controllers can detect the amount of moisture in the ground beneath the landscape and override scheduled irrigation when plants don’t need water, reducing water waste and promoting plant health. They can be stand-alone controllers or “add-on” or “plug-in” devices that can be used in conjunction with an existing clock-timed controller to help it water more efficiently, according to the EPA.

“IAPMO R&T is proud to have been a major partner for the EPA WaterSense program since its inception, and we are pleased to offer certification to this new EPA WaterSense specification,” IAPMO Group Chief Technical Services Officer Tom Palkon said. “As the leading provider of EPA WaterSense certifications, we always strive to make the process convenient and straightforward for our clients and the industry.”
2021 UPC, UMC Technical Committee Meetings to be Held Virtually
As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the IAPMO Board of Directors has determined this year the Spring Technical Committee Meetings will be held as two weeklong virtual events. Attendees will still be required to register in order to participate. Meeting registration information will be provided soon.

The Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) Technical Committee virtual meeting is scheduled for May 3-7, starting at 8 a.m. PDT and ending at noon each day, Monday-Friday.

The Uniform Mechanical Code (UMC) Technical Committee virtual meeting is scheduled for May 17-21, starting at 8 a.m. PDT and ending at noon each day, Monday-Friday.
EPA Delivers Results on PFAS Action Plan
On January 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a suite of actions from across the agency that will continue the significant progress the agency has made to implement the PFAS Action Plan—the most comprehensive cross-agency plan ever to address an emerging chemical of concern. EPA has made progress in all of its program areas under the Action Plan, and the agency is helping states, tribes, and local communities across the country target PFAS reductions and protect public health.

“I am proud of the work EPA has done over the past two years under the PFAS Action Plan, which has touched every office in the agency and every region,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “Our commitment to our mission to protect public health and the environment from these emerging chemicals of concern has been unwavering and we have delivered results for every key commitment we made under the plan.”
Reminder: Final Ruling on Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act
When was the final ruling released?
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a final rule codifying the Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act of 2011 (RLDWA) on July 29, 2020.
Which products are affected?
Any products intended for providing water for human consumption. Pipe, fittings, fixtures, and appliances used in potable water applications, including plumbed-in devices such as drinking water coolers, point of-entry and point-of-use water treatment products, refrigerator ice and water dispensers, water heaters, water pumps, and coffee makers, among others.
What is the key difference in the final ruling?
Third-party certification by an ANSI-accredited certification body such as IAPMO R&T is now required for most products*.

*exception for manufacturers with fewer than 10 employees and custom fabricated plumbing products.
ASHRAE, IAPMO Agree to Co-Publish ASHRAE Standard 191 and WE•Stand™ 
ASHRAE and the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) have agreed to co-publish ASHRAE 191, a water-efficiency standard pertaining to mechanical system efficiency in buildings, with the IAPMO/ANSI Water Efficiency and Sanitation Standard (WE•Stand™). The two standards’ scopes are complementary, and co-publishing will provide users with the opportunity to reference and apply both documents in one publication.

“We’re excited to coordinate our development efforts on WE•Stand with ASHRAE’s 191 Committee,” said Dan Cole, senior director of Technical Services and WE•Stand secretariat. “With the development cycle for 2020 now finalized, we will look forward to ensuring that both standards eliminate any conflicts toward achieving high levels of water efficiency for both mechanical and premise plumbing systems.” 

“Water efficiency and energy conservation are major considerations in the design and operation of HVAC systems in high-performance buildings,” said 2020-21 ASHRAE President Charles E. Gulledge III, P.E. “Escalating costs and concerns regarding availability have brought much-needed attention to the issue of water use in the built environment. We are pleased to collaborate with IAPMO to provide a balanced resource to the water-energy nexus as the demand for sustainable strategies grows.”
IAPMO and ASSE International Publish Chemical Dispensers Standard for U.S. and Canada
IAPMO and ASSE International have published ANSI/CAN/ASSE/IAPMO 1055-2020 (Performance Requirements for Chemical Dispensers with Integral Backflow Protection) as both an American National Standard and National Standard of Canada. The ANSI/CAN/ASSE/IAPMO 1055-2020 supersedes the previous edition, ASSE 1055-2018. The binational standard is available in both English and French.

The ANSI/CAN/ASSE/IAPMO 1055 standard specifies performance requirements for chemical dispensing systems to provide a means of mixing potable water with chemicals to provide the user with a ready-for-use chemical solution. Devices covered by this standard are intended for stationary installations, mobile devices where the orientations are fixed, and handheld devices.
IAPMO Announces Virtual Education and Business Conference in September  
Citing an abundance of caution and concern for the health and safety of members and staff, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) has announced it will hold its 92nd annual Education and Business Conference virtually via Zoom web conference instead of in person in San Antonio as originally scheduled. The virtual event will occur Sept. 26-30.

“This year’s virtual conference will build off the experience we gained in 2020 and truly explore the technological capabilities of online events,” said IAPMO CEO Dave Viola. “We look forward to resuming in-person events when it’s completely safe to do so but welcome the opportunity to deliver something memorable via today’s extraordinary remote platforms.”
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