Dear IASA member, 

Please join us in helping make the voices of Illinois superintendents heard to Congress about the need to provide practical, narrow flexibility in how to meet some of the requirements under IDEA.

To assist you, we want to share with you a template letter to send to your local congressperson as well as U.S. Senators Tammy Duckworth and Dick Durbin. Special thanks to Dr. Karen Sullivan, superintendent of Indian Prairie CUSD #204; Jim Nelson, director of North DuPage Special Education Cooperative; and LEND (Legislative Education Network of DuPage) for their help in crafting this letter.

We have also provided a spreadsheet with names and email addresses to the appropriate staffers to email this letter. If you need help learning who your local congressperson is, click here to find out.

Reminder, this template email is provided for your convenience. We urge you to make your advocacy more impactful by personalizing this email and adding a paragraph describing the issues your ESA and districts you serve are specifically facing in complying with IDEA. At the bottom of the template, there are some additional thoughts you might want to consider when personalizing your letter.


Your Friends at IASA