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Special issue At the turning of the year 


Dear friends of Waldorf early childhood education, dear colleagues, dear donors, dear supporting members! 

Shortly before the end of the old year and the beginning of the new, we send you a special issue of our Newsletter. It contains descriptions, thoughts and images of the celebration of festivals in Waldorf kindergartens in various cultures and regions of the world at this solstice time - in East, West, North and South. Each of these articles was written by our colleagues especially for this issue of the Newsletter. Through their contributions we hope to convey a sense that Waldorf education comes to expression in diverse ways in various parts of the world through our colleagues, with whom we are deeply connected through our educational ideals. 

With heartfelt greetings for light-filled holidays and all good wishes for the New Year,
Philipp Reubke, Susan Howard, and Clara Aerts


In this Issue
The heart of the festival
Mumbai, India
New York, United States
Kiriath Tiv´on, Israel
Florianopolis, Brazil
Helsinki, Finland
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The heart of the festival - the inner attitude of the adult
by Philipp Reubke, Mulhouse, France
At the end of a year, we often look back with the  question, of all that happened, what was really most important?
Of all the events  that took place, which are important for the future and will develop further?
At the end of this year 2012, which many view as the end of an era and a threshold to something entirely new, this question arises again: what is truly essential?
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Celebrating Diwali, the festivals of lights, in Waldorf Kindergartens in India
by Sucheta Garud, Mumbai  
The festival of lights, Diwali, is celebrated in remembrance of Lord Rama coming back to the Kingdom of Ayodhya from his 14-year exile in Vanvas, the forest. It symbolizes the victory of the light of knowledge
(enlightenment) over the darkness of ignorance.

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Searching for light in the "city that never sleeps"
by Anke Scheinfeld, New York 

New York City is a bright and flashy spectacle during the holiday season; streets colorfully lit, store windows dressed with great sophistication, holiday music blaring at at every corner. There is no escaping the consumer-driven modern holiday mood, even just weeks after many New Yorkers became victim to nature's relentless power through Hurricane Sandy.  


How can we, within this caldron, bring to our children a warm loving light of the season? Read more  



"Each of us must strive to discover the light in the other"                                                                      Images from a Hanukkah Festival in Israel
by Stefanie Allon, Kiriath Tiv'on

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Celebrating Christmas in a kindergarten in the Southern Hemisphere
by Silvia Jensen, Florianopolis, Brazil
For a person living in the Southern Hemisphere who has been reading Steiner's
lectures on the quality of the seasons and the festivals that are orientated to the northern hemisphere, one cannot just do the same as what is described in the books. How can one relate to Christmas time as the moment of the returning of the sun forces to the earth (in the north), if where one is living (in the south), this very day is so close to the longest day in the year, where the sun actually is at its height?


The mood of Advent in a Waldorf kindergarten
in Finland
by Tina Iwersen, Helsinki 
A small light shines into the darkness - and a space is
created for a mood that we can experience anew each
year at Advent. Here in the far North, in Finland, this is
the darkest time of the year. Shortly before Christmas,
we see daylight only for a few hours. But living with
outer darkness is also a real experience and wonderfully
supports our search for the small inner light.
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A letter from the Waldorf kindergarten in Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Leila Kostic, Sarajevo
In Sarajevo we always joke when we talk about organizing our festivals, saying: "why should it be simple when it can also be complicated?" This is a saying one often hears in Sarajevo, and it also fits our festival preparations....

We celebrate Christmas in the kindergarten together with the parents. Parents who celebrate Christmas organize and prepare the festival together with the kindergarten teachers. But it often also happens that Muslim parents help, for example with baking the cakes. The question
"who has time to bake?"  becomes more important than the question of one's background and traditions ..


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