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May 2023

Dear Colleagues and Friends around the World!

Working with the people involved in and committed to IASWECE's Projects, the need to develop the human capacity to help, show solidarity, advocate for peace and learn to consider each other with equal respect and love becomes obvious. 

Play is a very serious matter. Through play children learn, among many other things, to relate to and encounter others, solve problems, forgive, overcome obstacles, care, enjoy others, and become friends. These are some of the many ways in which learning through play will have an impact on their participation in society in the future. 

For these reasons we have chosen to focus this newsletter on children's play, as well as to the much-needed support of Waldorf education worldwide.


We hope you enjoy reading these articles!

Warmest greetings,

Lourdes Tormes on behalf of the IASWECE Council


The Laws of Childhood

Helmut von Kügelgen

The Healing Power of Play

Joan Almon

Creativity, Courage and Resilience:

Lessons learned from my granddaughter

Christopher Clouder

The Genius of Play

Sally Jenkinson

Waldorf Worldwide


Lourdes Tormes

Africa Must Not Be Forgotten!

Angelika Wagner

Waldorf Kindergarten Sprouts in Nicaragua

Lailah Amstutz

Together, Let’s Support Steiner-Waldorf

Education in France

By the French Federation for the Promotion

and the Future of Steiner-Waldorf Pedagogy

Sign the appeal

IASWECE Publications


Covid-19 Pandemic

Neil Boland

Responses and Consequences

in Steiner Waldorf

Early Childhood Settings

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