IASWECE Newsletter
April 2021
Dear colleagues and friends around the world!
In spite of the threats and troubles of all kinds that we are facing, our beloved early chilhood movement keeps growing and growing all around the world. This is for sure very good news! There are so many nuances in this big palette, so many cultures, languages, traditions, so many social and political situations…the world is really diverse! How can we open ourselves for all the new impulses that are blossoming in every single part of the world?  Do we deeply know each other? How is the landscape, weather, food, or social fabric? How can we create our different festivals from our shared universal essence?
The time has come to turn ourselves to our fellow human beings with an open mind and open hearts to see what each of us has to give to the other. Through a little sample of experiences, we invite you to enjoy and reflect on the celebration of the Festivals, which is such an important part of the life of the little child.
We also want to present the newly born World Association for Puppetry and Storytelling Arts, which we are sure will be a wonderful impulse to develop Puppetry for children in our kindergartens and homes.
The Care 1 Group keeps on working for the earliest years of childhood.  Since the conference had to be postponed, 5 new online events have been created: don’t miss this information, as these events will take place very soon, in addition to the international conferences described in the newsletter.
We hope you will enjoy reading and sharing this issue with your colleagues, parents and friends.
Wishing you all the best,
Lourdes Tormes
On behalf on the Council of IASWECE
Waldorf Worldwide
An Invitation to Open our Hearts - Creating the festivals for our time
In the eyes of the child we can see our own soul's purpose as we begin the sacred task of renewing the relationship between the spiritual world, mother earth and the wisdom of the stars. 

A Walk in South Africa
Striving to deepen our understanding of the true meaning of festivals and the nature that surrounds us.

Unity in Diversity in India
With festivals, the country becomes a colourful riot of rituals, dances, songs, cuisines and traditional attires. From East to West, North to South, each corner of the country is steeped in rich and ancient history...

Ramadan is an opportunity for individuals to reorient with a perspective of gratitude while renewing their physical health, their emotional being, and their relationships with others, themselves, and the Divine.

Harvest and Thanksgiving
in Norway
Joy and wonder in addition to love, rhythm, trust, caring, are implicit when we prepare for our festival.

Hanukkah-– the Festival of Lights in Israel
The preparation for the winter, for the darkest time of the year where you have to believe that the sun will come back again and you have to find your inner light.

Fruit Festival in Tanzania with an Early Childhood Group
Our last fruit festival at the Hekima Waldorf Kindergarten in Dar es Salaam.

Brazilian Festivities
and the Cycle of the Year
Time is undoubtedly one of the great mysteries that permeates human life.
So much so that in order to deal with this dimension in a healthy way, it requires us to develop a great art.

Matariki - A Maori story from
New Zealand
Astronomy, the study of the cosmos, is an endeavour that unites all peoples throughout the world. 

Easter and Ramadan - A little story
from Indonesia
In the beginning...of stories and strings...
Like all stories, this beginning is an open portal through which we step into an infinite land of potential. 
Here I Can Thrive -
New Care 1 campaign
Basic principles underlying the “Here I can thrive” campaign of the Care1 Working Group of the Medical and Pedagogical Sections at the Goetheanum
Shaping Digital Media Policy in the EU
On 25th March 2021, the European Parliament adopted its Resolution on Shaping Digital Education Policy.
Early Childhood Online Cycle -
Here you can thrive
Begins May 7th
Creating a trustful atmosphere in early childhood. A cycle of five lectures with international discussion groups.

German Kindergarten Association Whitsun Conference: 22 - 24 May
In each child is situated a centre for the whole world...

Lectures with Marcel de Leuw, Michaela Glöckler, Geseke Lundgren and Claus-Peter Röh are also available online.

International Kolisko Conference
in New Zealand
Striving for identity
14-17 July
Striving for identity through the challenges of anxiety, stress and depression

Collaborative Puppetry and Storytelling Arts Conference
Periphery within center
29 July - 1 August
Celebrating diversity within the universal All.

Professional Development Conference for Educators in Switzerland
4 September
The senses as doors for creativity of inner and outer worlds. Location: Rudolf Steiner School in Basel.

In German, French and Italian.

Care1 International Early Childhood Conference:
15 - 18 June 2022
Care1 is an interdisciplinary working group in which IASWECE is an active partner on behalf of the little child.
The close relationship among all professionals dedicated to this early stage of childhood is of utmost importance, because this is such a fundamental and delicate phase of life.

The program for the 2022 Early Childhood Conference will be released soon on the IASWECE website.
Books from IASWECE
IASWECE is pleased to announce the publication of several books and resources that have been created through the collaboration of our council members and colleagues.

Books with prices in $ can be ordered through the WECAN bookshop in the USA (just click on the links below).

Books with prices in € can be ordered by sending an email to [email protected]. We will take your order, calculate the shipping fees, and send the books to you after receiving your payment through wire transfer.
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