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March 2020

Dear colleagues and friends! 

There are Waldorf kindergartens where it is becoming increasingly difficult to give children generous time and space for free play. In some countries this is because safety regulations are too strict or because children from the age of three have to complete all kinds of learning programmes. In one country, however, it is because violent conflicts take place on the street outside the institution (for example, in front of the kindergarten in Shatila refugee camp, where this photo was taken at a festival). You can read more about this in the articles of this newsletter.

Another focus of this issue are reports from China about conferences that took place last autumn and how the Waldorf movement there is dealing with the Corona virus epidemic.
With warm greetings on behalf of the IASWECE Coordination Group

Philipp Reubke
Waldorf 100 Events - Seeds for the Future
100 Years of Waldorf Education – 15 Years of Waldorf Education in China
Waldorf Kindergarten Conference in Chengdu
Waldorf Worldwide
Supporting Young Children in Hostile Environments: Waldorf early childhood education in Shatila Refugee Camp
Facing the Threat of Nian: Caring for children during the pandemic

Pedagogical Points of view
Without Freedom, No Development:
Thoughts on free play and religious tolerance in Waldorf kindergartens
International Conference
“To Know, To Trust, To Grow. The Child from Birth to Three”
17th May 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania
With Birgit Krohmer, Gitte Drewes, Lourdes Tormes, Aurelia Udo de Haes.
Organized by the Association of Waldorf initiatives in Lithuania in cooperation with IASWECE .

International Waldorf Early Childhood Whitsun Conference
May 29 – June 2, 2020. Hannover/Germany.
With Michaela Glöckler, Geseke Lundgren, Claus-Peter Röh and others.
Organized by the Association of Waldorf Kindergartens, Germany

International Conference
on pregnancy, birth and the child in the first three years
“I Feel Good in Your Eyes"
June 10 – 13, 2020. Goetheanum, Dornach/Switzerland
Organized by the Care 1 Working Group
IASWECE is an active partner in Care 1, a project of the Medical and Pedagogical Sections, working with doctors, midwives, nurses, therapists, educators, child care providers, and others who are concerned with the child from birth to three.
We encourage all who care for the young child to join us at this conference.

Books from IASWECE
IASWECE is pleased to announce the publication of several books and resources that have been created through the collaboration of our council members and colleagues.

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