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Welcome 2022


The Annual IATDMCT Meeting – 20th Congress of the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring & Clinical Toxicology in Prague, Czech Republic, September 18-21, 2022



Abstract submission is open! Click here for details!

Make sure your country is well represented at IATDMCT 2022   send us your most impressive work today and put your country on the TDM & Clinical Toxicology map!

Please consider participating in our next IATDMCT Congress!

We plan to host a safe meeting in the beautiful city of Prague – the golden city of one hundred spires.

IATDMCT Membership Award

The special Membership Award includes free membership to IATDMCT & access to the TDM journal – period of 2 years, renewable once, several available for individuals residing in developing countries.

Enjoy all the valuable Membership Benefits, including online access to the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) journal.

Get the complete Terms of Reference and learn how to apply today.

Member-Get-A Member Campaign – The Competition is On!

Member-Get-A-MemberNew Campaign Deadline: August 31, 2022

This year we need your help for the ever-growing influence of the International Association of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Clinical Toxicology. We ask every member to convince at least one colleague to join the IATDMCT. Let your colleagues and friends know about the association and persuade them to engage in a rewarding experience with us. One step at the time, let’s build a strong partnership together!

Joining IATDMCT is a fruitful experience particularly for early career scientists who can develop a professional network, benefit from prizes, and join the energizing Young Scientist Committee. They can also join at low membership fees.

The member-get-a-member campaign is up and running!

As usual the top recruiter (with at least 50%-paying members) will gain a free registration for the IATDMCT Congress 2022 in Prague.

Visit the IATDMCT webpage for complete participation details!

News from the Communication Committee

communicationsThe Communication Committee would like to inform the membership that advertisements for professional positions (Ph.D. and Post-Doc job opportunities) in the field of TDM/CT, will be published in the E-news instead of on the IATDMCT website. Please e-mail the office with the advertisement for the position and it will be published in an upcoming monthly E-news. (IATDMCT office email: info@iatdmct.org)

Some of our members are currently conducting clinical tests for COVID-19 and/or trying to introduce new biomarkers to monitor recovery. Certainly it is our duty to continue also the routine work. Keep safe.

Below please find informative links about the current situation, which specifically addresses the rapid identification of COVID-19 cases as well as adverse reactions due to interaction of drugs:

Report on Cannabis Consumption in Canada

Canada CannabisDuring the pandemic the number of people using Cannabis increased substantially. A group of researchers from Canada and Zurich University showed how People Living in Canada Consume and Acquire Cannabis: Assessing Progress in Minimizing Harms and Establishing a Safe Supply Chain (Report at a Glance)
Source: Canadian Centre for Substance of Abuse

The Future of Immunosuppressive Drug Therapy in Solid Organ Transplantation

IATDMCT and The French Society for Pharmacology will organize, in June 2022, an onsite symposium and virtual meeting at Rennes University Hospital in France. This will be an international symposium.

The registration is free. To register please e-mail: pharmaco.rennes@gmail.com

45th Annual Research Society on Biological Research on Alcoholism Scientific Meeting

The annual Charles Lieber Satellite Symposium will take place June 23.

RSA-2022 Meeting, June 24-29, Orlando, Florida, USA

The Research Society on Alcoholism© serves as a meeting ground for scientists in the broad areas of alcoholism and alcohol-related problems. The Society promotes research and the acquisition and dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Published Ahead-Of-Print in Therapeutic Drug Monitoring – Latest Update

TDM JournalStay ahead with the latest scientific research developments in the fields of TDM and CT!

The monthly Therapeutic Drug Monitoring column provides you with the latest posts of ahead-of-print. Bringing to you articles posted online on January 4, 2022:

Review Articles:

  • Understanding the pharmacokinetics of antibiotics in pregnancy: Is there a role for therapeutic drug monitoring? A narrative review.
    By Stojanova, Jana; Arancibia, Marcelo; Ghimire, Samiksha; Sandaradura, Indy.
  • Antifungal Drugs TDM: Trends and Update..
    By Kably, Benjamin; Launay, Manon; Derobertmasure, Audrey; Lefeuvre, Sandrine; Dannaoui, Eric; Billaud, Eliane M.
  • Quantification of antibiotics in patient samples: state of the art in standardization and proficiency testing..
    By Schneider, Heike; Hess, Cornelius; Kessler, Anja; Steimer, Werner.

Original Articles:

  • Impact of Glutathione S-transferase Polymorphisms on Busulfan Pharmacokinetics and Outcomes of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation..
    By Al-Riyami, Intisar; Al-Khabori, Murtadha; Al Balushi, Khalid; Al-Zadjali, Shoaib; Al-Rawahi, Mohammed; Dennison, David; Al-Hunaini, Mohammed; Al-Rawas, Abdulhakeem; Al-Moundhri, Mansour.


  • Special Issue on the Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Anti-Infective Drugs: Editorial..
    By Marriott, Deborah JE; Cattaneo, Dario.
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