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Greetings Tubman Families and Friends,

It brought us great joy to have so many families during our Annual Dance show. A huge shout out to Mrs. C and Mr. Hall for working so diligently with our students and staff to put on a fantastic production. 

A special thank you to our Friends of Tubman (FOT) for all the dedication and fundraising efforts exemplified throughout the year to support our school community. We also appreciate the gifts provided to our entire staff. THANK YOU!

During this holiday season, I would like to wish everyone peace, tranquility, and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to our students return Monday, January 9, 2023.


Principal Carey

Upcoming Events


Important Dates & Upcoming Events:



  • 12/22: End of Q2
  • 12:23-1/9: Winter Break


  • 1/9: Middle School Cafe at 6pm
  • 1/11: Local School Council Meeting at 6pm
  • 1/12: Friends of Tubman Meeting at 6pm
  • 1/13: Fun Friday: Cozy theme
  • 1/16: No School, Martin Luther King Jr., Day
  • 1/18: National Thank You Month with Bulldog Buddies
  • 1/20: Fun Friday: Basketball theme
  • 1/24: School Tour at 1pm
  • 1/26: 8th Grade Picture Day
  • 1/27: 1/20: Fun Friday: Favorite Band/Music theme

Tubman Calendar

SY22/23 CPS Calendar

Fun Friday Themes


2022-23 CPS Holidays and Non-attendance Days

Dec 23: School improvement day - no classes

Dec 26-Jan 6: Winter break - schools closed

Jan 16: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - schools closed

Feb 3: Professional development day - no classes

Feb 20: President's Day - schools closed

Mar 17: School improvement day - no classes

Mar 29: Teacher conferences - no classes

Apr 3-7: Spring break - schools closed

May 29: Memorial Day - schools closed

June 7: Last day of school  

CPS Information

School Holiday Preparedness Checklist for CPS Families

Superheroes, your sidekicks

Tubman News

REMINDER: Excused Absence Requests Now in Aspen - Parents/Caregivers can now report student absences in Aspen's Parent Portal. This new method is easier as it reduces the need for parents to call, email, or send in paper notes. You can also report absences on multiple days and submit dates in advance for approval. 

REMINDER: Recess & Inclement Weather - Students will have a daily outdoor recess, except when there is inclement weather. This is determined by administration and takes into account many factors, such as, but not limited to temperature and wind chill, active rain or snow, ice on the playground, etc. 

Criteria used as general guidelines are:

25 degrees and up - outside

16 - 25 degrees but must have feels like of 20 degrees or higher - outside

16 - 25 degrees but feels like lower than 20 degrees - inside

20 degrees or below - inside

All students are expected to go outside and stay outside for the entire recess period. Students must stay within the predetermined boundaries of the playground during recess period. There are to be no contact games or hard ball games. Any injuries or unsafe conditions should be reported to the supervisor on duty. When the whistle is blown, recess is over. Students should line up quietly and quickly by class. Upon entering the school, students must be quiet and return to their classrooms in an orderly manner, so as not to disturb classes already in session.


Dance Show: Back to the Movies

In case you missed an edition of the IB Bulldogs Blast

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Friends of Tubman (FOT)

Friends of Tubman (FOT)

Thank you!

Wishing our Tubman community good health, happiness and a restful winter break. We are grateful to each and every one of our supporters.

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