Welcome back to another school year! We hope your summer was a good one.

Please fill out and return the membership card with payment to Steve Cook, before  September 14th.  This is the preferred method of dues payment, but if you wish to pay by credit card, you may do so on the IBA website by logging in with your member ID# and password.

Dues must be paid by September 14th in order to be included in the printed IBA Directory. You must be an IBA member in order for your students to participate in all IBA district events.

Even if you have no changes to your membership information, returning the salmon colored membership card found in your magazine and in the fall newsletter is vital this year. Please return this card by September 14, 2019 .

Dues have increased across all membership classes for this year ($75 Active, $45 Associate, $30 Retired, $20 student), so please be sure you are using the most current application form.

Our directory has begun the migration online. Again, you MUST submit a card this year even if there is no change to your personal or professional details (can also be updated online). Please note the two check boxes asking your preferences concerning publishing your home information on the IBA website, and whether or not you wish to receive a printed copy of the IBA directory.

Reminder to first year teachers!! If you were a student member of IBA you already have a member ID.

If you are unsure what to do with your account, please contact  Steve Cook  or  Liz Fritz 
Steve Cook, IBA Secretary