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Fall Business Meeting
Our Fall IBA Business Meeting will take place on Saturday, November 23rd during the All State Music Festival and Conference. We will meet in room 004 of the Schemann building at Iowa State.  

Our meeting schedule:
2-3 PM Executive Board Meeting  (President, President Elect, Past President, Magazine Editor, Secretary, Treasurer)
3-4 PM Open meeting for  all  membership ( All advisory board and committees encouraged to attend)

All committee chairs should send your reports to our secretary, Steve Cook ( ) by Saturday, November 16.

I encourage all committees to communicate in the coming weeks regarding your short- and long-term goals as laid out during our July 12th meeting. Members of the Executive Board will reach out to Committee Chairs in the coming weeks before the November Business Meeting to talk about your committee's progress, answer questions you may have, and ask how we might assist you. The Executive Committee will use the Google form you completed at the July meeting as a reference in our conversations.

Jayson Gerth, IBA President
Pre-Conference Forms

The following Pre-Conference Forms are available on the IBA Website. We hope you will consider contributing to the conference through the following opportunities:

Clinic Session Application , Due Nov. 15, 2019

Band Performance Application , Due Dec. 6, 2019

Lobby Concerts
If you have a chamber ensemble (student or adult) that would like to perform a lobby concert at our 93rd Conference, please e-mail IBA President Jayson Gerth ( ) by November 29, 2019. Follow up with a sample recording of the ensemble by December 20, 2019. (Mp3 by e-mail preferred).

Young Conductor’s Clinic
If you have 1-5 years of teaching experience, we invite you to apply for a spot at the Young Conductor’s Clinic, which is part of the IBA Conference. Please fill out  this short form   to express your interest.
Fine Arts Leadership Team Update
The Statewide Fine Arts Leadership team was organized in 2017 during the process of creating and implementing the new Fine Arts Standards. The mission of the team is to help facilitate communication, create deliverables, plan professional development, and exist as a statewide leadership council that represents Arts subject areas and populations.

The Iowa Bandmasters currently have two representatives, Liz Fritz and Jane Triplett.

During the first year (2017/18) the team focused on creating the Fine Arts Standards Training Modules. These free training modules are available on the AEA online training site.

During the 2nd year (2018/19) the focus was creating and presenting the first ever Iowa Fine Arts Summit which happened in June 2019. This professional development opportunity is slated to occur every two years.
This year we are are moving into data research and some new resources.

The  Arts Education Data Project  is a tool that uses data as a catalyst to drive changes in arts education. The Department of Education has signed on to funding this project and we are in the early phases of mining data.

Angela Matsuoka, Iowa DOE Fine Arts Coordinator, and Bob Morrison of Quadrant Research shared the vision for Iowa Fine Arts state-wide dashboard called the Iowa Arts Education Data Project. This will start the conversation about gathering information to create an online dashboard, then encourage data-driven decisions across Iowa for all of fine arts K-12.

Goal: What is the status of arts education in our schools?

The data will be a means to an end to strengthen and extend student engagement, access and participation in the arts. The Arts Education Data Project will take existing data acquired by the Department of Education and make it usable in our field. This data project is already active in 10 states with New Jersey being the first state to include data on their state/school report card. Mid-Spring is the estimated dashboard release date for Iowa arts educators to view.

Future Ready Iowa
This is part of the Department of Education’s Equity and Future Ready initiative. We have been asked to spread the word about the Clearinghouse (a work-based learning that includes projects, internships, and apprenticeships that are embedded into classwork) to our memberships. Check out the fine arts projects and consider using one in your classroom. We are looking for arts educators to submit some "Take and Bake Project Ideas" to the Clearinghouse. We need to have more rigorous and authentic fine arts projects posted in the database in general, and music, theater, and dance projects are needed in particular.

If you have thoughts or suggestions, please contact our Fine Arts Consultant, Angela Matsuoka at
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This month's issue includes Grant Opportunities, Arts Advocacy Day, Mentor Program Update and the new Iowa Arts in Education Day.
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While Thanksgiving is a popular time of year to pause and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives, gratitude truly knows no season.

I believe we have plenty to be grateful for every day, and it starts with giving thanks for the opportunity to bring music into the lives of young people and to help cultivate their appreciation of the art form.

Our students’ lives are richer for the musical experiences we create together and the soul stirring opportunities we teachers offer them.

While in high school many years ago, I remember sitting in the audience at a performance of John Rutter’s Requiem. I attended at the suggestion of my high school band director, and it was the first time I heard a combined orchestral/choral work live. To this day, I still remember being profoundly moved by what I heard. Since then, I’ve performed in orchestras for many large scale works (including Rutter’s Requiem). I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a musical experience that might have similarly affected others in the same way I was, and I have my band director to thank for it.

If you can, take a step back occasionally and remember why you’re a teacher of music. Remember with gratitude the opportunities that have gotten you to this point and be grateful for the chance to make music every day. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jayson Gerth, President
Iowa Bandmasters Association
93rd Annual Conference
May 14-16, 2020
Interested in submitting an application to perform at the conference?
Find the form on the website in the Conference Menu > Pre-Conference Forms