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Notes from IBDEA Headquarters

Has Spring sprung in your neck of the woods? It seems Mother Nature needs to clear out her cache, empty the recycle bin, and reboot her system!

Your Management Team has been busy recuperating from the 2023 Conference. Overall, it was a much easier task this year, and everyone seemed pleased with the outcome. Again, thank you to Molly Arehart for all her hard work and input and to everyone that attended that helped make it an amazing event. Soon we will track down your 2024 Conference Chair, Mr. Steven McKendrick of Chart Industries, and start planning for next year at the Hilton Lake Las Vegas!

IBDEA is happy to report that both of the April IBDEAU schools, Carbonation 101 and Draught Beverage Dispense, are SOLD OUT! There are still a few seats available for the July (Draught) and October (Carb101) schools. Also, we are finalizing the details for an Advanced Troubleshooting School this year!

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Lenette Egan and CJ Marchain
IBDEA Medical Insurance Discussion
Members continually ask for ways to mitigate the high cost of medical insurance. The IBDEA continues to look at viable solutions. First, we would like to clarify that we are not considering a self-funded program. Been there, done that, ain't going to happen. Our goal is to unite as a group using the strength in numbers to reduce these astronomical costs. A good portion of our members are small companies that might not be able to offer medical benefits and could benefit from such a plan.

We are still in the research phase, and this is an alternative option.

Join us on April 12 at 1:00pm CDT for an open roundtable discussion led by Caleb Greene, CLCS, Agency Owner - Evergreen Insurance Solutions, Licensed AVMA Rep.
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Cocktail Life Cycle Stands the Test of Time
Submitted by Dave Lincicome, Leonard's Syrups

Trademarked by Glastender Inc. in 1982, the Cocktail Life Cycle principles continue to be relevant four decades after being published. Even though cocktail popularity may change with the times (remember the 1990's Appletini takeover?), the steps taken to craft and serve cocktails remain nearly unchanged since the early 1900s.

Now forty years later, Glastender renewed its foundational approach to bar design with a new logo and a more refined process applicable to nearly every imaginable classic and modern cocktail. The Cocktail Life Cycle reads like a step-by-step instruction to making and serving cocktails, which at its most basic level, is really what the process is all about.

There are seven assembly steps and three disassembly steps involved with crafting and serving cocktails. The assembly steps are as follows; select the glass, add ice, add liquor (base) ingredients, add mixer (balance) ingredients, blend/stir/shake/pour, garnish the cocktail, and record the sale. After the customer has finished their cocktail, the disassembly process begins; dispose of dry waste, dispose of wet waste, and wash glassware and hands, please!

With the steps taken to craft and serve cocktails accounted for, bar equipment can be logically
organized to limit the steps required to make the cocktail. Thinking of workflow behind the bar as being left to right (like reading a book), glass storage is positioned first, furthest to the left, followed by the ice bin. The ice bin is generally considered the center of the station, so ice bin accessories are available to keep liquor and mixer bottles within close reach. While many drinks can be combined at the ice bin, some cocktails require blenders and specialty bar tools. Models such as mixology units and blender stations keep the underbar organized and are typically located to the right of the ice bin. Garnishing a cocktail is an important final step to many cocktails, and consideration needs to be given to whether the garnish is shelf stable or requires ice chilling or refrigeration to maintain freshness.
The disassembly steps of the Cocktail Life Cycle require the placement of trash cans, wet waste sinks or strainers, glasswashers, and sinks to wash hands. The disassembly process should be as well thought through as the assembly process, and care should be taken to organize equipment to minimize the steps needed behind the bar.

Bar design can be intimidating for even seasoned foodservice equipment professionals. Integrate
Glastender's Cocktail Life Cycle process into your next bar design and your clients will thank you.

Source: 2023 NAFEM Show Editorial Submission
Industry Partner News
The ISBT Beverage Gas Technical Committee has some updates on the Carbon Dioxide Symposium to be held following BevTech this year in Orlando. The ISBT leaders and staff have been working hard to produce an informative and exciting public seminar on Carbon Dioxide.

Mr. Tim Morris, Global CO2 Director for Air Liquide, will be the keynote speaker, and his topic is The CO2 Industry – A Vision of the Future. Other presenters on the agenda will discuss how the industry arrived at the current difficult supply situation, how suppliers and end users are pivoting to survive, today's regulatory, industry, and societal pressures and how they might impact the future, and what new and emerging alternative sources of CO2 are on the horizon. In keeping with ISBT Technical Committee traditions, there will be a Q&A panel discussion with symposium presenters.

ISBT feels this will be one of the most exciting and informative public seminars on Carbon Dioxide in some time. It is rare, if ever, that we get to open a window into the insights and vision on a single topic from so many key movers and influencers at one seminar. If you are a Carbon Dioxide producer or a user, you will want to take advantage of this opportunity. What gets discussed in this symposium could be the new CO2 reality a few years from now.

Visit ISBT CO2 Symposium Agenda for details. Space is limited, so sign up now at ISBT CO2 Symposium - Registration. We are excited to see you all there.
GAWDA’s Spring Management Conference (SMC) is taking place May 6-8, 2023, in Philadelphia, PA.

With a theme this year of “Intentional Leadership,” the SMC is designed to target the needs of management and operations decision-makers, serving as an ideal platform for tactical networking, process-oriented business education, and actionable take-home solutions. There will also be over 130 member companies exhibiting at our “Contact Booth Program.”

Visit GAWDA’s SMC website to learn more and register today.
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