IBDEA Happenings
December 2021
IBDEA Headquarters
14070 Proton Road, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244
Phone: 972.233.9107 x 216
Toll-Free: 877.40.IBDEA (42332)
CJ Marchain, Account Executive
Phone: 972.233.9107 x 216
Cell: 214.597.9507

Lenette Egan, Executive Director
Cell: 406.459.8132
Notes from IBDEA Headquarters

Whoosh, this year has sure flown outside the window. It's crazy to think that our 2022 Annual Conference is just around the corner. Are you curious about what Dena Miner-Towle, Conference Chair, and the IBDEA Executive Team plan for the Conference? Hmmm, best make sure you get registered then! 😉

Speaking of registering for Conference! Associate Members that want to exhibit at the Product Fair need to register their booth by January 10, 2022.

Last month, the Board of Directors met for our Fall board meeting in New Orleans. Joe Carle, IBDEA-President, led a productive meeting and did a great job blazing through a very long list of discussion points. We even finished a few minutes early! It sure was nice to see everyone in-person.

We wish you a holiday season filled with family, friends, and laughter!

Lenette Egan and CJ Marchain
Membership Dues Cycle Change
At the Fall meeting, the Board of Directors approved to change the current dues cycle of October 1 through September 30 to a calendar year cycle starting in 2023. By approving this change, we have added an extra three months at the end of your current paid dues.

Member Company profiles will be adjusted to reflect this change by the end of the year.

If you have not yet paid your dues, please go to the Member Portal and click on My Account. If you'd like an invoice sent to you, please contact CJ Marchain at cj@madcrouch.com.
IBDEA Member Testimonial
Pictured Brad Irish-Jones

My name is Brad Irish-Jones and I have worked at IRISH Companies for 10 years. IRISH is a long-time member of the IBDEA. I have grown to appreciate the organization. At conference, you can educate yourself on industry-specific products and services. IBDEA has many great attributes. One of my favorites is the members, and how willing they are to help.
Brad Irish-Jones, Sales Manager
Pictured Josh Sanders

The IBDEA has been part of my life and my 4th generation business, Sea Breeze, for decades. It’s the place we turn to for solid advice from other companies doing the same things as us, where can you get better information than that? We love attending the annual conference (where it’s usually somewhere warm, which is a nice break from NJ’s winter!). At the conference we always take away many things which we can usually put in place right away, whether it be a better sales technique, a technology tip, an improvement in HR, or just getting to know someone else a little better who may be going through the same struggle that you’re going through. I’ve seen many other companies' facilities since we are friends with the people at these other organizations and those visits have been so valuable. It would be hard to be in our business without the help of the IBDEA.
Josh Sanders, Vice President
Welcome New IBDEA Members
Regular Members

Associate Members
Engage Business Consulting LLC
March 3-7, 2022
Orlando, Florida
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2022 Conference Keynote Speakers
The IBDEA is thrilled to have Dirk Beveridge, with over 30 years of experience, back as the keynote speaker at the 2022 Conference in Orlando! His energy and passion for life, business, and your success are evident in everything Dirk does.

Naturally curious, Dirk believes that every interaction has the making of a story that others can learn from. Dirk helps audiences expand their belief of what’s possible through relevant, compelling, and at times humorous or
soul-touching stories he gathers while traveling the world. As an entrepreneur, researcher, author, and strategist, Dirk is the catalyst that industry and organizations turn to to help them redefine their future in the age of rapid

Are you looking to be inspired?

Come to Orlando and learn how Dirk can build a relevant and profitable future for you and your organization!
The IBDEA is excited to announce that Henry Fishkind, Ph. D., will be a keynote speaker at the 2022 Conference! With over 30 years of experience in economic analysis and forecasting, Dr. Henry Fishkind is widely regarded as one of Florida's premier economists and financial advisors.

Dr. Fishkind's career began in the public sector, where he worked as an economist and associate professor at the University of Florida. In 1980, Dr. Fishkind became the associate director for programs at the University of Florida's Bureau of Economic and Business Research. During his tenure at the university, Dr. Fishkind served from 1979-1981 on the governor's economic advisory board. He began his career as a private-sector consultant when he became president of M.G. Lewis Econometrics in Winter Park, Florida. In 1988, Dr. Fishkind formed Fishkind & Associates, Inc. as a full-service economic and financial consulting firm. In 2019, Dr. Fishkind sold his business's financial advisory, consulting, and real estate advisory portions while keeping the expert witness portion, Fishkind Litigation Services, Inc.

What type of information can Dr. Fishkind provide to your organization to help you thrive in this economy?
Does your company produce packaged ice?
No, but interested
Communication Committee
The newly formed Communications Committee is seeking volunteers! It can be anyone from a Member company.

This Committee is responsible for general communications among the IBDEA’s members and between the IBDEA and the larger beverage dispense community. It will contribute content to the ongoing publications of the monthly and quarterly newsletters and industry content for social media posts.

If interested in joining the Communications Committee, email info@ibdea.org.
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