IBDEA Happenings
July 2022
IBDEA Headquarters
14070 Proton Road, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75244
Phone: 972.233.9107 x 216
Toll-Free: 877.40.IBDEA (42332)
CJ Marchain, Account Executive
Phone: 972.233.9107 x 216
Cell: 214.597.9507

Lenette Egan, Executive Director
Cell: 406.459.8132
Notes from IBDEA Headquarters

Welcome to the second half of 2022! We hope you had a successful first half and wish you an even better second half.

The Management Team is excited to start planning the 2023 Conference with Conference Chair Molly Arehart of Helget Gas Products. Molly has picked what we feel is the perfect theme for the New Orleans conference. Make sure you save the date February 23-27. Registration will open soon, but you can book your hotel room now.

IBDEA continues to develop new and renewed synergies with our industry partners. Our most recent connection is with the Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA). We are excited to announce that we will have a booth at their Annual Convention in October. Likewise, they will have a booth at our Conference in New Orleans. Shout out to the Board of Directors, Amy Bruecks of City Carbonic; she presented on behalf of the IBDEA at BevTech 2022, ISBT's annual meeting. View all Industry Partners in the Member Portal.

Thank you to those that participate in our quick impromptu surveys. We appreciate your time and effort in helping us move the association in a direction that best serves its members.

Connect * Network * Succeed

Lenette Egan and CJ Marchain
2023 Conference Chair News
Hello IBDEA Family! I am extremely honored to be your 2023 Conference Chair, and I look forward to working behind the scenes with Lenette and CJ to see how all the magic happens.

Get ready to
in New Orleans, February 23-27.

Molly Arehart
Helget Gas Products
Don't wait... book your room now!
The Story #7: Do You Choose Hard?
By Dirk Beveridge, UnleashWD, Dirk@unleashwd.com

What Does It Mean When We Get To Choose Our Hard?

"Don’t be seduced by the easy.”

For years I have been drawn to this core belief of Joe Nettemeyer, President and CEO of Valin Corp. When Joe was a guest on my Innovate for the Future podcast, Joe explained why this had become a foundational leadership principle he’s instilled throughout his organization:

“What we’ve been seduced by has been a long history of traditional significant growth. We could just ride the wave. It wasn’t important to lead, it was just important to service what was rolling through the door. Now, we have to create demand, not just service demand, and that takes a different thought process. It’s really challenging, and a lot of people don’t want the challenge. They’ve gotten seduced by the easy.”

Now here is the thing, Joe finishes his thought with this gem:

“But there is opportunity in not being seduced by the easy.”

I believe there is greatness in overcoming what I call the “healthy struggle.”

When you think about it, you accept this struggle every day. Where you are at, wherever you are at in your life at this moment, you have a 100% batting average at getting through the struggle of life.
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