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Hello, May! Bring on the flowers promised by that crazy April weather.

All in all, April was a busy month for IBDEAU holding two sold-out schools (pics below), and we're happy to report that our East Coast Carb 101 is also sold out. Spots are still available for the June Advanced Troubleshooting School and the July Draught Beverage Dispense School. If you're interested in either of these schools, register NOW!

May marks the beginning of our 2024 Conference planning with the Conference Chair, Steven McKendrick. We look forward to hearing about his vision and ideas for next March! So exciting!!

There is much information in this newsletter... so please read to the end!

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Lenette Egan and CJ Marchain
Lifeblood of a Vehicle
Submitted by Sandy Ray, Carbonics Inc

“What do you mean, ‘your truck oil is thick and black?’ ” This is not a question he ever wanted to ask as he turned his eyes in laser-beam focus on his newly-hired driver.

Oil. The lifeblood of a vehicle. Is it clogged like a human artery, requiring surgery? Or does it flow free and smooth, a lovely amber color, without grime or gunk, enabling that fine delivery vehicle to hum and purr over the highways and byways, a testament to the superior, preemptive maintenance-check protocols?

Checking the condition of the oil is a critical element of the Vehicle Checklist that all drivers must complete before leaving the yard. Some companies require a trinary vehicle maintenance check to include before-departure, middle-of-the-day, and upon-return to the yard. He has tried different timelines over the years and determined that a “pre-flight” checklist in the morning met his needs. Usually.

“How did this happen?” is the involuntary inquiry that slips out of his mouth since he knows what the answer will be. “I don’t know,” came the inevitable answer with an accompanying shoulder shrug. This was the driver’s second day on the job. Of course, he didn’t know.

The responsibility always returns to the owner or manager. When a business plan involves the purchase of vehicles, then maintenance checks fall to the driver for a small company.

He released the driver from his presence with instructions to go immediately to the mechanic and wait until the oil was changed before beginning the days’ deliveries. He swiveled in his chair, reached in a drawer, and took out a crumpled-up and stained vehicle checklist from the previous driver. He peered at the categories.

Clearly, “oil” was at the top of the checklist, with boxes to rate the condition of said oil as good, fair, or bad. “Oil” was also at the bottom of the form, located just underneath ‘odometer reading’ with a line to fill in the numerical value of ‘mileage for next oil change.’ The challenge was to know, without any doubt, that the driver had, indeed, checked said lifeblood of said vehicle.

The phone rang with a customer needing some guidance on their regulator. The form was set aside for additional contemplation. The form was forgotten.

At 3:00 a.m., he bolted into an upright position with an “Ah-ha” moment. As he slept, his mind cogitated on the lifeblood-of-his-vehicles issue, and his mind formulated THE ANSWER.

He reached over to his nightstand, where he kept a pen and tablet for such moments, and wrote...
This roughly defined blob area to be added to the checklist would be identified as “oil sample.” Each driver would pull out and touch the dipstick to the blob area. He knew without any doubt that this would take care of the oil problem forever and without any hitch. Closing his eyes, he slept in peaceful bliss, unaware that the next day he would discover one of his drivers did not know how to access the engine compartment.
Member News
Foxx EquipmentEmpire Equipment Company has acquired Foxx Equipment Co, Kansas City, MO, and Denver, CO, to further expand a leading wholesale distribution platform for commercial food service and beverage equipment. Together, the Company will have eleven distribution locations throughout the US. [Read more]

McDantim Inc — Celebrate the life of Dan Fallon in the great outdoors with stores, music, and food on June 10, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. in Helena, Montana. Please RSVP to carie@mcdantim.com.
New Member
IBDEA Medical Insurance Discussion Follow-Up
On April 12, 2023, IBDEA Members were invited to an open discussion about a potential IBDEA group medical insurance program with Caleb Greene, Evergreen Insurance Solutions.

Members can view the Zoom recording in the IBDEA Member Portal.
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"We (Joseph & Chris Panacci) were both very impressed with how the program (Draught Beverage Dispense School) was organized and presented. We saw a lot of people help put the entire program together. It’s really amazing to see all the cooperation and organization among members."

Joseph Panacci, Trevi Fountain Services
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