A Message from Mark

Can you believe that 2017 is almost half over?  The kids are getting ready to be done with their school year and start their summer vacation.  That means it is probably time for you to take a little well deserved R & R with the family!  When your vacation time arrives, do yourself and your family a favor, and disconnect.  Today, it is so easy to stay engaged with your work 24/7 which can lead to frustration from the family and not getting your own batteries fully recharged.  I understand that mentality.  In fact, I need to remind myself to disconnect as much as I am telling you!  So, take a few days and use that laser focus you have on you and your family during your vacation.  Work will be there when you return...it is not going anywhere.
We have been working on updating our website here at IBPI.  It is not quite ready yet, but we are definitely in the "Coming Soon" phase of development.  Stay tuned for more details.

Want to save money on freight?  Be on the lookout for a survey from long time IBPI Vendor JVP Logistics.  They will audit your invoices and then optimize your freight program to reduce your costs. The survey is only a few questions and may save you some big money!
Our next Board of Directors meeting will be held June 28-30 in Parsippany, NJ.  After our meeting, we will be taking tours of the Mars/Ross International and Polek and Polek facilities.  If you have anything you wish to put on our agenda, please let me or one of the Board members know.  We work for you!
Finally, thank you to everyone who returned their purchasing audits.  We have compiled all the discrepancies you reported and have turned them over to our vendor partners.  Once they have had a chance to review and respond to these reports, we will get your supplemental rebates out to you in July if applicable.
Have a great Summer everyone!
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June 14-16 Infocomm (Orlando, FL)
The InfoComm show is your once-a-year opportunity to see the latest audiovisual technology

June 26-29 Hitec 2017 (Toronto, Canada)
World's largest hospitality technology show that brings the brightest minds & hottest technology from around the world to one place
June 22-23 RT Imaging Summit & Expo (Cancun, Mexico)
The largest print consumables event in the Americas

July 12-14 CDA CEO Meeting (Colorado Springs, CO)
The Copier Dealers Association, or CDA, is an association of approximately eighty independent imaging dealers across the United States and Canada. CDA has earned a national and international reputation as being comprised of the most successful business owners, representing products and services on the leading edge of business technology.
August 16-18 BTA National Conference (Las Vegas, NV)
Darrell Amy will be speaking to the attendees on Selling to Gen X
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