Want a great way to stay in touch with co-workers, customers and prospects during this time? Buy them lunch remotely. Click on the article above to learn more.
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We still have about 40-50 Members that have not cashed their rebate check that were mailed out in March. If you have not received your check and you were expecting one, please let us know.

The IBPI staff have been accustomed to working from home for quite some time, but we miss getting out to shows and events to visit with our Members and Vendor Partners. Here's to hoping this ends soon and we get to go back on the road to see everyone!
Working remotely with Modern Workplace

The current global health crisis is creating increased demand for remote work. Watch this webinar to review products and solutions that make remote work easy and get suggestions for how MSPs can maintain continuity for themselves and their customers during this challenging time.   Learn more
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Visual Edge Technology announced the recent certification of more than three hundred of its imaging sales professionals for Managed Services Sales (MSS), enabling those sales professionals to effectively support Visual Edge Technology’s further investment in managed IT services with its Visual Edge IT (VEIT) brand.
Microsoft reported 59% growth in Microsoft Azure last quarter. Did you grow your practice by 59% in the same period?

Now that you understand the basics of LinkedIn, it's time to take your company to the next level on LinkedIn.
In this webinar workshop, we'll walk through the first steps and best practices in getting your company's LinkedIn page in position to make an impact on this popular professional social media platform.

 The Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) General Duty Clause requires employers to provide a workplace free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious physical harm, under which COVID-19 would fall. For many employees, the company vehicle is their workplace. In this unprecedented environment of managing a fleet during a pandemic, we identify the procedures and policies you should consider implementing to help minimize the risk to your employees and your customers.

Get help combating business challenges created by COVID-19 with Sherweb’s dedicated resource hub. Featuring expert advice for managed service providers (MSPs) navigating these difficult times, including solutions for implementing remote work, the hub was designed to help cloud providers maintain continuity.

Sherweb’s Security Foundation Program was designed to strengthen managed security offerings and create opportunities for MSPs to grow their business. It begins with the Security Foundation Assessment—created in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s Cyber Security Framework and guidelines supported by the Center for Internet Security (CIS)—followed by an in-depth consultative session with Sherweb experts. Both the Security Foundation Program and assessment were built with the level of depth required to determine worthwhile cyber security recommendations for clients and best practices for improving security overall. The best part: it’s free to use!

With the QuickBooks online and desktop invoicing integration available directly in the Sherweb partner portal, our partnering businesses can automate invoices, reduce errors, speed up payments, and ensure steady cash flow in real-time. They get the freedom to concentrate on core business aspects and improve productivity while automating time-consuming and complex billing tasks.

Brace yourself—what we have all known and loved as Office 365 has been renamed Microsoft 365. Starting [April 21, 2020], all Office 365 subscription plans for both consumers and businesses have been consolidated under Microsoft 365 branding.

Making it easier for hackers are employees who practice lousy password hygiene—91% of employees understand that it’s risky to use the same passwords across business accounts, but 59% still do it. It’s not even their fault because 61% feel that they’ll forget the password easily if they set a new one.

In this video session, Mathieu Leblanc, Sherweb’s Director of Partner Success, tells us how some of partners boosted their revenue by taking advantage of our value-added services.