April 2022
Parallel Processing
We started the month off with our team retreat. We looked at our growth zones and learning zones and talked about both the joy and the pain points of being a team and doing this work.

We each expressed our personal reasons for coming into this work - feeling a responsibility to it, wanting to build understanding, feeling a sense of purpose. It helped us to see the mosaic of what brings us together and the synchronicity that occurs when we come together as a team.

At the same time, we can't claim that it's all roses. When you get strong, impassioned people together on a small team there are always struggles for everyone to find an equal voice. Even as we flatten our organizational structure, we feel the tensions of new responsibilities and growth butting heads. We're in our own growth zone even as we do work that challenges others to get uncomfortable for the purpose of building equity. It's parallel processing for us as we become increasingly aware of the areas that we need to work on to be a stronger team while at the same time helping the growth journey for others. The work is continuous and we remain inspired by the words of Amanda Gorman "not broken, but simply unfinished."

In February, Cammy and Maggie talked with the folks at The Reader about equity and inclusion work in Nebraska as well as our new role as the coordinator for the National Federation of Just Communities. This conversation is the latest Reader Radio podcast episode.
Join us tomorrow for Queer Table Talk!
Join us on Tuesday at 6 pm on Zoom for our Queer Table Talk on Confronting Racism in the Queer Community.

Our panelists are Ashton Page (he/they) and Dr. Alecia Anderson (she/her), and the conversation will be moderated by Lauren Foster (they/them).

Queer Table Talk is offered in partnership with OutNebraska.
A Book Study Collaboration with Urban Abbey!
We've partnered with Urban Abbey for two discussions on Resmaa Menakem's powerful work, "My Grandmother's Hands." Urban Abbey will be releasing registration details soon for these events happening on April 20th and 27th.
Fantastic April with IncluCity!
Our April camp was so much fun! This was our last camp for the academic year. We couldn't have done it without our amazing volunteers and team members, so we gotta say a big THANK YOU to them. It was our honor to spend the weekend with a group of new delegates who are awesome inclusive leaders in their schools and communities. IncluCity will be back in October!
One month 'til

We hope you remember us in your giving during Share Omaha's Do Good Days on May 17 - 19.

By donating a gift or your time to Inclusive Communities, you join us in confronting prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination.
Multiracial Woman: A Spokenword
by Rachel Busse

It sounds harsh, right?

In a world of “Yes.”

Yes to appease.

Yes to agree.

Yes, and..



Right or Wrong.

Black + White.

Secular & Sacred.

So, yes..

I am Grey.


A note from Rachel:


My name is Rachel. If you know me - you know I enjoy, and express myself through all things artistic. And in this case, I felt compelled to share in few words my perspective - and how I navigate through the world as a woman of color. What better way than to share – in my own expression – by observing the polarity of the words “yes” and “no”. For me, being multiracial - I am neither one. I live between those words. Thank you for reading!