September 2023

10/25 at 11:30 a.m. - Native Table Talk - Being an American Indian in the 21st Century

11/15 at 6:00 p.m. - Queer Table Talk - Honoring our Trans History

12/13 at 6:00 p.m. - AAPI Table Talk - AAPI in the Arts and Creative Community

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Think Global, Act Local

"Think Global, Act Local" – a phrase often attributed to the Scottish philosopher Patrick Geddes – encapsulates a powerful concept that resonates deeply within the National Federation of Just Communities (NFJC). This month, Dominic and Brittany had the privilege of attending our annual conference in Buffalo, NY. They visited museums and learned about the Underground Railroad routes and paid homage to the lives lost in the Tops store murders. The opportunity to be in space and share with our partners was healing and inspiring. These experiences urge us to consider the ripple effects our actions have on the entire planet as we engage in meaningful endeavors within our own communities. This philosophy of Think Global; Act Local speaks to the profound interconnectedness of our world and the responsibility we hold to effect positive and lasting change, starting where we live. 


Within NFJC, we are a collective of autonomous entities, each facing its unique set of challenges. Yet, amidst our individual struggles, there exists a shared bond rooted in a common vision of justice and equality. It is through this recognition of shared experiences that we find the strength and necessity to partner with one another. Our collaboration with fellow NFJC members is not merely a pragmatic decision; it is a testament to our belief in collective wisdom and the power of unity. 


We understand that to move forward, we must learn from what has transpired before us and prepare for what lies ahead. This collaborative spirit is a gift that we, as an organization, are determined to nurture and invest in. We know that in unity, we can achieve meaningful change on a local, national, and global scale. If you would like to know more about our NFJC partners please visit

Cammy Watkins

Executive Director

Save the Date

We're thrilled to announce the next speaker in our Jane H. & Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks Conversations for Change Series, Bob the Drag Queen!

The alter ego of non-binary comic/actor Caldwell Tidicue, “Bob The Drag Queen” describes herself as “hilarious, beautiful, talented and...humble.” Bob’s unabashed confidence won her the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar” on season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” multiple acting roles for HBO, Netflix, Sony Tristar, MTV, and VH1.  


Along with HBO’s first unscripted show, “We’re Here,” Bob has recently released her second comedy special, “Bob The Drag Queen Live at Caroline’s” available on iTunes, as well as season 4 of “Sibling Rivalry," the podcast she co-hosts with her drag sister Monét X Change.  

Introduced in March 2023, the Jane H. & Rabbi Sidney H. Brooks Conversations for Change Series brings thought leaders from around the world to Omaha to share their experiences around confronting prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination to build and strengthen the bridges between differing communities.

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets will be made available in December.

Board of Directors

As we enter the new fiscal year, we'd like to welcome four new members to our board: Gina Ponce, David Lempp, Dr. Nkenge Friday, and Al Siemek! We'd also like to thank Shawntal Mallory for her service to the board as our former Chair, as Daniel Gutman now steps into the role. 

Inclusive Communities's full Board of Directors can be found HERE.

Omaha Table Talk Kickoff

Our team, led by Senior Program Partner Nikki Smith, launched a new season of Omaha Table Talk with a community kickoff event at Buena Vista High School! Nicole Benegas, Bluebird Cultural Initiative Executive Director, welcomed everyone into the space with a formal land acknowledgment.

Following this, attendees split into small groups to contemplate the concept of community and consider how each of us contributes to effecting small changes that, when combined, lead to significant impacts. We have a wonderful Table Talk season ahead!

Thanks to our sponsors at Lozier Foundation, Cox Communications, and American Family Insurance, Omaha Table Talk remains a free event open to the public.

Learn more about our participating organizations by visiting their respective website.

Bluebird Cultural Initiative

Tri-Faith Initiative

UNO Library Queer Archives


Black & Pink National

AVP-USA Omaha Chapter

World Speaks

Native Table Talk

REGISTER for our upcoming Omaha Table Talk!

Being an American Indian in the 21st Century

Wednesday, October 25, 2023

11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

College of Saint Mary, Mercy Hall, Warde Conference Center, 7000 Mercy Rd, Omaha, NE 68124

Register Here

There is a virtual and in-person option to attend. If attending in person, food will be provided.


by Veronica

“Outlined by the light for just an instant, an archway appears. We are invited into the heart of wonder. If we accept the beckoning, we enter a realm just familiar enough to banish fear, leading toward resilient truth.”- Joanne M. Clarkson 

As the light lessens, the days cool, and the flowers and bees are eclipsing their peak, I wonder about these changes and the transitions we are constantly walking towards and into. I moved back to Omaha a little over eight years ago. I was coming to start a family amongst my family still living here. It wasn’t part of the “plan” but what good are plans anyway? I left good, meaningful work in Boston to seek something different, inspiring-on the West Coast, in Los Angeles! So how did I end up in Omaha again??? There is NO Coast. It’s literally the slogan. However, time has a way of shifting geography. Finding out I was going to have a child shifted everything and it was clear that the Heartland, not Hollywood, was the place to walk through this portal.  

The choice to move back to Omaha was an obvious one for me. I knew I needed community. I knew I needed a village. I didn’t need more Husker nation however you catch as catch can sometimes. In walking through the almost insurmountable challenge of childbirth and motherhood, I have changed, grown, learned, and struggled so much. I am so grateful I so willingly walked through that archway, TWICE! I have loved every minute of the role of mother that has been called upon me. I take great humility and gratitude in carrying this love and responsibility so tenderly. 

As a birth doula, I constantly support people in a birth journey long after, and sometimes long before, the portal is ever traversed. Because the archways that are appearing, that are inviting our hearts to wonder, reveal themselves every day. If we become comfortable and unafraid of these big transitions and sometimes impossible feelings of reality-ripping transformations, then we banish fear and continue to head through portals that lead us to the “resilient truth”. I am not sure what that is; however, I intend to seek it because it endures throughout every portal, every archway, every change, every volatility, every ambiguity, every confusion. It’s the Silver Lining.

“As we slip into the liminal space...we may find ourselves wavering between action and stillness. We hear the cries...they urge us to seize both our joys and courage and set forth beneath a rising moon beside a ravenous sea, eyes cast upward to catch the silver lining as it breaks forth behind the clouds, feet moving together with resolute purpose, onward and forward.” -Molly Remer  

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